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Vueling Club loyalty scheme

Vueling Club is the loyalty scheme of the airline Vueling, with which cardholders can earn Avios and exchange them at Vueling. Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is participating in this programme and offers customers the chance to earn Avios with stays in our hotels. 


Get 150 Avios/night at all Iberostar hotels

To earn Avios with your Vueling Club card in Iberostar hotels, all you have to do is show your card when you check in or check out of any of our hotels.

Avios will only be awarded for the room occupied by the cardholder.

  • If two cardholders share the same room, only one will be awarded the Avios.
  • All Iberostar hotels participate in the Vueling Club programme.
  • Special rates, gratuities and StarAgents stays are excluded.
  • Avios cannot be combined with other loyalty programmes.
  • To claim for transactions not credited to your account, please send your request regarding Avios exclusively to the following e-mail address:
  • The right to request Avios that have not been credited automatically will expire six months after the check-out date.

Avios will be credited to your card within a maximum of two weeks of the confirmation from Iberostar. 

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