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About Iberostar

What has always defined us

We seek to create a responsible tourism model based on excellent service.  In unique places, decorated to enhance their true essence. With exquisite cuisine offered in all our hotels.


Where the magic begins

There are some spectacular and magical places in the world that enchant anyone who visits them. From the Caribbean to North Africa, and from the Mediterranean to New York, Iberostar takes you to places you’ll never forget.

According to TripAdvisor, 91% of travellers are highly satisfied with the location of our hotels. That’s because at Iberostar, you’ll be right on the sea front, in the heart of the city or in the midst of the finest architecture.


A sensory experience

The culinary experience at Iberostar combines tradition with new concepts based on exceptional raw ingredients. Our restaurant chefs are continuously striving to be innovative and provide guests with varied, healthy and imaginative international and local cuisine.

Our guests emphasise that our hotel cuisine is a key part of their experience. That’s why the ReviewPro website places Iberostar in the top 3 hotels for culinary excellence.


Taking care of the details

We are committed to surpassing ourselves at work every day. We do our very best to anticipate your needs and ensure excellence.

We work hard to find out what makes the difference and we pay meticulous attention to detail.

We know what to do and we’re good at it, so almost half of our customers come back. That’s the greatest reward for our commitment to quality.

Responsible tourism

Our commitment to the future

Sustainability is key to our business philosophy, based on the responsible management of the impact of our activities, and focusing on individuals as well as the environment.

This commitment to individuals recognises them as the heart and soul of our business. Our commitment to the environment highlights the conservation of marine habitats in particular, as more than 80% of our hotels can be found by the sea. We want to contribute to the conservation of our seas and oceans by encouraging a change in mindset through the “Wave of Change” movement.

One commitment, three initiatives:

Moving beyond plastics
Responsible consumption of seafood
Promoting coastal Health

Unique Iberostar services