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Time for exercise

We know how to create experiences that allow us to appreciate the power of mutual respect and respect for the environment, and we want to put it within your reach. We are close to you, sharing our little “secrets” to make the most of the time we are at home. 

Here we bring you a series of yoga exercises to connect body and mind.

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Aliveness: Sometimes, to remember what’s really important you have to forget everything else

On this holiday, we want to inspire you and expand your horizons, so that as well as discovering a new destination, you also find out new things about yourself. We call it reconnecting: with yourself, nature and the environment. Feel, explore, create and move, freely and without restrictions.  And most important of all: enjoy!

Fun and creative activities

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Connect with nature through sport

Feel the sand underneath your feet during a yoga class, the silence under the water as you swim in the pool… We want to inspire you just enough so that well-being becomes a lifestyle that you take home with you. Routes and circuits await you that cover the whole hotel and its surroundings: running, cycling, hiking… even paddle surfing, swimming or water-polo in the sea, to get you moving in your own way and keep you active every day in your favourite setting, whatever your fitness level and condition. You can also enjoy the fitness centres and the best equipment.

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Awaken the senses

As well as being fun, creative activities help to alleviate stress, improve self-esteem and increase quality of life. So we invite you to explore new hobbies through our creative DIY workshops, as well as dance, art and singing workshops… You can also discover new flavours by tasting local wines, try out new healthy recipes on our cooking courses and, for the most restless and busy minds, there are nature walks surrounding the hotel.

Find out how good it feels to take care of yourself

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Fresh, natural and home-made

Gastronomy is a key part of Aliveness,because eating well is another form of self-care. We use fresh, local produce that arrives at our kitchens to be prepared with the care and respect it deserves. We collaborate with local producers who work responsibly. We combine local cuisine with dishes from around the world. A cooking philosophy that is in harmony with the Honest Food concept that we're promoting at Iberostar.

Make time to relax

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Because relaxing also helps you to reconnect

Discover a new level of relaxation by entering our SPA Sensations. When you return to your daily routine, you'll be able to relive that moment and notice how your muscles begin to relax again. Massages or treatments in the cabins or moving around the water circuits will help you achieve that goal.

Choose where in the world you want to have this experience