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A place where you know what you’re eating with great tasting food.

Our cuisine will be one of the great surprises of your holiday.

 It is a lifestyle, a philosophy of cooking based on fresh, homemade products. It's a responsible attitude towards our bodies, towards what we eat, and towards the environment, a desire to expand our culinary horizons with multicultural fare that invites us to travel through a world of flavors.

Based on these principles, we collaborate with local producers who work responsibly, using methods that help to protect the environment. We prepare the best dishes for our guests, taking care of every detail, striving to use the best cooking methods, so that sitting down at the dinner table is much more than just eating.

Honest Food

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Natural, fresh and home-made

Iberostar prepares home-made dishes with authentic, fresh, natural and seasonal ingredients, without adding artificial colouring or refined sugar, and always low in salt. We use recipes that have longer preparation times and cooking methods to preserve the nutritional value and organoleptic properties of food (steaming, grilling, cooking in a wok, etc.).

Our fresh and natural cuisine gives centre stage to vegetables (for example, in our stir-fry), plant-based proteins, grass-fed meat, and the best grains and seeds, with which we make a wide range of breads and flours, as featured in our home-made desserts.

When everything is so delicious and it’s hard to choose which ingredients to use, the best option is to leave nature to decide and provide the best of each season.

a plate of food on a table


During your stay, you’ll sample such fresh and tasty fish that all you can think about is ordering it on your next visit. To ensure we are able to serve it to you for many years to come, we encourage responsible fish consumption and respecting fishing bans that guarantee coastal health. We also promote sustainable local agriculture and caring for the environment by using seasonal and local products. Because the respect we show when we’re sitting around the table has to extend to all stages of the process.

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We want you to experience each destination to the full, so we offer the dishes local people eat. These traditional recipes fill your menu with colour and new experiences, and teach you about local culture and natural resources. We also offer international dishes in themed restaurants, where ingredients are treated with the same care and respect as when we prepare our more traditional dishes.

To share this gastronomic philosophy, our head chefs participate in Iberostar’s Chef On Tour programme, taking the best from our kitchens to a variety of destinations so that more guests can enjoy natural, healthy, authentic, creative and surprising cuisine.

We want your travels to continue when you sit down to eat, and hope you are motivated to continue the culinary adventure when you have finished your dessert.