Iberostar affiliate programme

Welcome to the Iberostar Hotels & Resorts affiliate programme. Seize the chance of earning commissions for helping us boost our sales.

Rely on the excellent quality and service provided by our hotels and the prestige of our brand using your website or advertising platform to advertise Iberostar Hotels & Resorts. Just choose from the deals and promotions offered on our platform and make huge profits.

Perform the following steps to become an affiliate of Iberostar!

  • 1. Registration

    Registering in our affiliate programme is easy, fast and free.

  • 2. Promoting Iberostar

    View all our materials and choose those that best match your site, profile or platform.

  • 3. Begin earning commissions now!

    Promote our programme and earn commissions from your sales of our Mediterranean and Cuban hotels.

Join now
  • Leading brand

    With a wide array of dreamlike hotels in the best beach resorts worldwide, we are experts in holidays.

  • Absolutely free

    Be our affiliate at no cost.

  • Big commissions

    We share our profits with you. For bookings in our Mediterranean and Cuba hotels, you get a 7.5% commission on the total amount.

  • Incentive scheme

    We offer up to 9% commission and access to exclusive materials in exchange for promotion and major visibility for our brand. Not all partners can access this incentives programme, only those who offer the most interesting proposals.

  • Great variety of promotional materials

    We make available the resources you might need to promote our brand: banners, promotional codes, links, product catalogues, etc.

  • Always up to date

    We update materials all the time, so that you can view the latest offers and promotions.

  • Custom statistics

    Get access to performance statistics and transactions through your own control panel.

  • Informed at all times

    We will send you a monthly newsletter to keep you informed of all programme-related news.

  • Standard commission: 7.5% of the total amount of bookings for our Iberostar Hotels in the Mediterranean and Cuba.

  • Payment: Within 45 days of booking approval. Following customer’s check-out.

  • Cookies active for 30 days post-click and 7 days post-view.

  • Restrictions:

    • Use of brand in SEM campaigns in any form, including variations and typos.
    • Publication on pages that are: offensive, erotic, radical, related with illegal pirating or content not suitable for minors.
    • Intrusive formats like pop-under, site-under, interstitial, click-to-skip, etc.
  • Who can register with our affiliate programme?

    Any person or business owning a website or advertising platform.

  • How much does registration cost?

    It is absolutely free.

  • What is the first step I should take?

    First of all, you need to be registered to access the platform. Once you have accessed it, you must request your admission to the Iberostar programme in your language/s of choice. We will visit your website to check whether it meets our criteria. If it does, you will get a confirmation email.

  • How can I include the advertising materials on my website?

    After being added to our affiliate programme, you will be able to view all the advertising materials. To show an item, copy the HTML code and paste it in your website code.

  • Can I change the codes to adapt them to my website?

    Adapting codes is not recommended. Modifying codes can affect the sales tracking system and the bookings may not be assigned as a result.

  • How are bookings recorded?

    Every time a user follows our link on your site, a cookie is downloaded. If the user clicks your promotional item, the cookie is active for 30 days. However, if the user only views the promotion, the cookie is active for 7 days. If during this period a booking is made, you will be assigned this booking and will get your commission.

  • How do I learn that the bookings made through the links on my website have been recorded?

    The codes include your affiliate ID, which we use to track all the clicks and impressions as well as the bookings made through the links on your website.

  • When is a booking confirmed?

    Bookings are approved after customer’s check-out. If the customer cancels their booking, the affiliate does not get any commissions.

  • When do I get payments?

    Payments are made via bank transfer within 45 days of booking approval.

  • Can I launch SEM campaigns?

    We only authorise the use of general words and ads that refer to your affiliate site and from there to Iberostar. However, we do not authorise the use of the brand, including variations or typos. When managing a SEM campaign, you must add the word Iberostar as a negative keyword. Failure to comply with this policy can lead to the cancellation of the sales generated as well as to your being expelled from the programme.

  • Can I view my statistics?

    You can view your statistics by way of the platform and a control panel that shows the number of clicks, impressions, bookings and other relevant facts that will help you optimise your actions.

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