a boat sitting on top of a sandy beach

Water Sports

1, 2, 3... splash!

Aquatic sports fight stress and anxiety, they help you avoid multiple injuries and strengthen your muscles. Furthermore, unlike other sports, they are easier on joints and bones. Are you up for trying them on your next vacation? Chill out in our Beachfront Hotels and enjoy our aquatic activities.

Discover the power of water

It’s time to wake up your senses and enjoy in, on and under the water. In addition to swimming, diving or water skiing, Iberostar offers suggestions on activities to revitalizing your vacation. Picture a game of water-polo with your friends, an outing by kayak or explore amazing sea depths while snorkeling in good company. Paddle surf, body surf? It’s all good. These are just some of the examples of aquatic sports that will make your vacation unforgettable. Inquire about the selection of activities that Iberostar makes available to you at your Beachfront Hotel. And if what you’re looking for is find a new you, reconnect with nature, the environment and yourself through the Iberostar Aliveness program. Put your worries to the side and focus solely on having a great time.