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SPA Sensations Iberostar

The Iberostar hotels with SPA Sensations will provide you with all the relaxation you desire. Surrendering to the pleasures of relaxation is as comforting as it is agreeable in our spa hotels.

Experience the SPA Sensations, a wellness area with massage, baths and treatments done by Thai therapists, only at Iberostar.

Discover on your spa & wellness getaways the best spa sensations which await you in the spa hotels and resorts of Iberostar Hotels & Resorts.

  • The SPA Sensations massages at Iberostar have their own history. For centuries it has been said that what is known as Thai massage today was born long before the Kingdom of Thailand itself as a practice that stimulated body movements associated with the practice of yoga asanas. It enhanced the body to facilitate meditation and, for various reasons, this wisdom split from Buddhism and was set geographically in Southeast Asia, in the ancient Kingdom of Siam.

    The Thai massages of Spa Sensations are characterized by stretching, as well as rotations and unblocking energy in the joints and tendons, providing some amazing effects in a few sessions. A perfect spa combination that makes each experience unique and unforgettable.

    Other massages offered by the Spa Sensations are:

    • Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage
    • Traditional Thai Massage
    • Thai massage Popular style
    • Thai massage Royal style
    • Balinese or Indonesian Massage
    • Ayurvedic massage 
    • Heaven's Mirror 4 hands massage
  • The art of recreating water experiences in unlimited variations is the basis of what SPA Sensations has to offer its guests, giving refinement to bathing and hydration in all its forms. A magical world of possibilities beyond just therapy and which you too can now enjoy.

    Traditional Javanese Mandi Susu Bath: evokes the baths taken by princesses of the courts and palaces of Central Java, Indonesia, with ancient recipes that mixed milk and spiceS.

    • Balinese floral bath: sweet almond oil and jasmine aroma
    • Ocean bath: with sea salt with mandarin orange segments or lime
    • Floral foot bath: aromatic foot bath with petals and aromas.
    • Herbal steam bath: steam bath that diffuses the aroma and properties of dozens of herbs from Southeast Asia.
    • Rain shower.
  • Iberostar THERAPISTS

    SPA Sensations is subject to most rigorous standards of quality of service that are repeated across our network of sites. The SPA Sensations operates according to the recommendations by the ISPA (International Spa Association) by adhering to its protocols and complying with its specifications. This is how we assure our guests the quality they deserve.

  • Special Programs and Services

    We offer the ability to schedule your personal care sessions through combinations of different services during your stay. Programs are customized to each client's objectives.

    We also offer different hospitality services such as Private Spa Parties for small groups of 5 to 10 people (water experience, massage and refreshments or light meal), group credits for companies, individual prepaid credits with special conditions, gift certificates or incentive programs. 

    * The services available may change according to the hotel selected.

  • SPA Boutiques

    The product line SPA at Home from SPA Sensations, are of the Germaine de Capuccini brand, and follows the same philosophy of natural and exotic quality that distinguishes our brand. The "ready to use" products which are available from our Spa Boutique, have passed rigorous tests and have been approved by the FDA.


    Each and every one of the products used in SPA Sensations is totally fresh and natural.

    Most body scrubs, wraps, facials, massages and combined programs, are freshly prepared by our therapists by mixing by hand the exact dose of spices, oils, fruits and exotic ingredients imported from Asia. However, a creative local fusion is performed, which contribute a Mediterranean, Canarian or Andalusian touch.