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Entertainment and leisure at the Iberostar Ciudad Blanca hotel

While your children spend the day having fun with Star Camp activities, you can enjoy a massage in the spa. And if you’d rather spend the day with your family, there’s the calm sea at Alcudia beach for taking a dip together and the hotel pools for having a fun day.

  • Fun pool & Splash Park Cadiz

    There’s a friendly family of cephalopods in the water! And many other fun characters living in this fun pool at the hotel. Your kids can say hello to the octopus before whizzing down the slides, they get sprayed by the water jets and then...splash! Even babies and toddlers between 0 and 3 have a water zone with specially adapted slides. And meanwhile you can have a drink at the bar by the pool or unwind in the chill out zone while keeping an eye on your little ones. There’s always lots to do at this spa hotel in Alcudia. It would be hard to think up a better plan for them!

  • Children’s entertainment

    Star Camp is the best option for families who want a fun-packed holiday. Here, your kids will enjoy a range of fun and stimulating children’s activities. Not only will they have a ball, but they’ll also learn about the world in the company of their new friends and our instructors. Divided into different age groups: children aged 4 to 7 play in a jungle setting at Monkey, Dolphins transports children aged 8 to 12 years old to an underwater-themed world and Eagles is designed for teenagers aged between 13 and 17.

  • Spa and body treatments

    Children have a whale of a time with the activities on offer at Star Camp. Now’s the right time to relax a bit with your partner. How about a visit to the spa? You can look forward to relaxing massages with aromatic oils and all kinds of facial, body and beauty treatments. Don’t miss the chocolate therapy or the chance to feel your body coated in gold. Close your eyes and let your senses come to life!

    See our catalogue of services. 

  • Free Premium Wi-Fi

    Want to go online during your holidays? This hotel for families in Mallorca offers free Premium Wi-Fi throughout the premises for up to six different devices.

  • Entertainment and shows

    End your day with some fun shows that cater to everybody. Every night you can enjoy live music, shows for kids and adults such as Aladdin, a bubble show with an infinite world of soap bubbles, and many more events – your holiday enjoyment continues until well after sunset! 

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