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Tranquillity, an exceptional climate, 300 sunny days per year, 120 km of amazing sandy beaches and unique nature; these are far from all of the numerous attractions of which the Costa de la Luz can boast. Therefore, it is an ideal destination for family holidays and a perfect place to relax by the Atlantic Ocean. And, to assure you spend your Costa de la Luz holidays in a comfortable way, Iberostar, as always, offers you one the best hotels in Spain; Isla Canela. This is one of the top 4-star hotels in Ayamonte recommended for families. So, don’t waste your time while planning family holidays in Spain! Choose Iberostar Isla Canela and everyone will be satisfied.

Located in western Andalusia, between the provinces of Seville, Cadiz and Badajoz and eastern Portugal, the province of Huelva stands out for its diverse landscape. We must mention the mountain areas of Sierra Morena in the north, the plains in the south, and of course the extraordinary Huelva beaches. In addition, there is the Doñana National Park. This nature reserve in southern Spain was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994 and is considered one of the most important biological reserves in Europe.

So, come and explore the province of Huelva, known as one of the best family holiday destinations in Spain. Set all your problems aside for a few days and enjoy this dream corner of southern Spain!

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Iberostar Isla Canela
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What to see in Huelva

In spite of the fact that Huelva is nowhere near as crowded with tourists as other places in Andalusia, the province has a lot to show. Many of Huelva’s attractions are concentrated in its capital, the city of Huelva, where art, architecture and history go hand in hand.

There are many religious buildings worth visiting in the city such as its Cathedral which is one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in the province of Huelva. Or the Church of La Milagrosa and the convent of the Sisters of the Cross which are certainly worth visiting. However, at the same time, don’t miss the other spectacular architectural points of interest such as for example, the Mora Claros Palace, dating from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, and the Casa del Millón one of the best exponents of Huelva modernism.

Fans of archeology mustn’t miss the Museum of Huelva, where one can learn about the people who inhabited these lands in the past, and the everyday objects they used.

Should you be interested, visit the so-called Columbus Sites (Lugares Colombinos), places linked to the discovery of America. Those located in the towns of Moguer and Palos de la Frontera are particularly interesting. Palos de la Frontera is also famous for its La Rábida monastery, a Franciscan friary dating back to the 13th century which hosts some of the objects related to Christopher Columbus’ journey to the New World.

Obviously, the “what to see in Huelva” list is quite impressive, therefore, choose this quiet province on south coast of Spain and enjoy everything there is to discover.

Things to do in Huelva

Huelva tourism offers you a lot of sun and the best beaches in southern Spain. Many of the most noteworthy ones are located close to our Isla Canela hotel in Ayamonte. The Isla Canela beaches lying beside the estuaries of the Guadiana and Carreras rivers are perfect for those planning to travel to Huelva with children. The most impressive beaches are Isla Canela, Los Haraganes or Punta del Moral. These quiet white-sand beaches are suitable for bathing and relaxing and additionally they have all the services for you to be able to enjoy your holidays in Spain to the maximum.

And the beaches of Isla Cristina are no less attractive. Located close to Isla Canela, surrounded by beautiful nature, the Central, Hoyo and Punta del Caiman beaches on Las Gaviotas island are ideal for those looking to get away from it all.

The Mazagón beaches located near the Doñana National Park including areas of the municipalities of Moguer and Palos de la Frontera are worth a visit too. Beautiful cliffs, access to the sea and the moderate waves here are ideal for relaxing and surfing. Finally, take a moment to explore the beaches of Punta Umbria as well.  The fine-sandy beaches of Bota, El Portil and El Rompido are the closest to the city of Huelva.

Punta Umbria is also very popular with surfers and even holds surfing and bodyboarding competitions. So if you like to surf, Huelva has some of the best beaches in Spain for riding the waves.

However, if you want to go further afield and explore the Atlantic coast, visit the Algarve beaches, located in neighbouring Portugal where the landscapes will leave you speechless.

When it comes to festivals and traditions, it is important to emphasize the fact that Huelva is a stage for El Rocio pilgrimage, the most important religious pilgrimage in Spain. Each year, this event brings together more than a million participants.

In addition, for those who wish to play golf in Huelva, there are various facilities in the province, such as La Mancilla Golf, Bellavista Golf Club and El Rompido golf courses.

Finally, holidays in Spain wouldn’t be complete without trying the food.  Therefore, you must try the incredible Jabugo ham, one of the best-known specialties in Huelva, and we recommend trying Huelva prawns which are typical in this area.

Discover our hotel in Isla Canela

To help you enjoy all the attractions when visiting this part of the Spanish coast, Iberostar offers you its hotel Isla Canela at your service. Located in Ayamonte this 4-star resort has everything you need to make most of your Huelva holidays.

Iberostar Isla Canela Hotel is a spa hotel with direct access to the beach, where you can pamper yourself with body and beauty treatments or, should you prefer, get fit in the hotel’s fully equipped gym. There is a covered indoor swimming pool and an outdoor pool so just choose the one you like best and enjoy! We have everything prepared to make your trip to one of the best places in Spain an unforgettable and comfortable experience.

And, being one of the top family resorts in Spain, IberostarIsla Canela Hotel is also great for our younger guests as well. They will certainly enjoy the diverse activities the Isla Canela Hotel arranges for children. So, parents can relax knowing their kids are well taken care of. We even offer live performance shows with animation that the whole family can enjoy.