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Descubre el mejor hotel en Hammamet

On the southern coast of Tunisia lies one of the most visited places in the country: the sunny town of Hammamet. Located just 60 km from the city of Tunis, capital of the country, this beautiful town of 80,000 inhabitants stands out for its magnificent white sand beaches and for the spa resort of Yasmine Hammamet, where our hotel in Hammamet the Iberostar Averroes can be found.

The local Mediterranean climate means it is pleasant and sunny throughout the year, with average temperatures of around of 18 °C. However, this is just one of the countless incentives that await you in this privileged corner of Tunisia, which has been one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country since the 1970s.

Let us show you around!

  • Country: Tunisia
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Tunisian dinar
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V

What to see in Hammamet

The centre of Hammamet is divided into two main areas: the modern part to the north, and the medina, in the western part, surrounded by a wall originally constructed in the year 904. This enclosure houses a fortified kasbah, dating back to the 15th century, built on the site of a 12th century fort. From there you will enjoy incomparable views over the old town and the Mediterranean Sea.

Unlike in other North African towns, in the Hammamet medina the streets are not bursting with souks. It is really a residential neighbourhood where there is no shortage of workshops and craft and souvenir shops. Many of these houses are wonderful to look at and photograph, as many stand out for their colourful walls. Even the German painter Paul Klee could not resist portraying these houses in one of the most popular places to visit in Tunisia!

You will also find the occasional hamman, a typical Arab public bath that gives its name to the town.

A building that you can't miss is the Great Mosque, from the 12th century, with Arab and Turkish architectural elements. Next to it is the Mosque of Sidi Abdel Kader; erected in 1798, it is the seat of a school of Koranic studies. And last on the list of must-see-places is the Spanish Fort, from the 15th century.

If you want to relax with a bit of retail therapy, then why not visit the so-called new medina, which is full of shops and restaurants.

Just 6 km south of Hammamet, on the road to Sousse, you can explore the archaeological site of Pupput, with interesting Roman remains from the 2nd century AD.

Due to its strategic location, Hammamet is also an ideal place for excursions to other nearby towns and cities. One of which is Sidi Bou Said, a picturesque town of whitewashed buildings with blue doors and windows. The same could be said of the spectacular Roman amphitheatre of El Djem, from the 3rd century AD one of the best preserved Roman stone ruins in the world, and is unique in Africa. And finally we must mention the city of Kairouan, which has a fascinating architectural heritage, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988 it was an important centre for Islamic scholarship and Quranic learning, attracting a large number of Muslims from various parts of the world, next only to Mecca and Medina.

30 km from Hammamet sits the town of Grombalia, whose bustling market is well worth visiting. During the second half of September, its inhabitants celebrate the Harvest Festival.

What to do in Hammamet

If you are visiting Hammamet for the warm waters of the Mediterranean, you will love knowing that it is right on the seafront, with many restaurants, some of them luxury, and fast food establishments. In the Nabul area there is also a water park, perfect for families who want to travel to Hammamet with children.

Yasmine Hammamet, where the Iberostar Averroes hotel is found also offers numerous leisure options. Created in the 1990s as an extension of the city, it houses a marina, with pleasure boats perfect for small trips along the coast many of which offer food and shows on board.

The port area also has two water parks called Carthageland and Aqualand, and a modern boardwalk with restaurants, shops and clubs. This shouldn't be surprising, since this is where the biggest offer of nightlife in Hammamet is concentrated, with an endless number of bars, pubs and clubs.

However, if you are looking for a quieter way to spend an evening, then you must try a delicious Tunisian tea on the terrace of the Bab Sidi Bouhdid café, located next to the town walls and a privileged spot to watch the best sunsets in Tunisia.

Of course, you can't go home without trying the exquisite Tunisian cuisine. The food here is the result of a deeply rooted culinary tradition, as well as contributions from several different cultures. Outstanding recipes such as couscous, a Tunisian dish called briks consisting of thin pastry around a vegetable filling, tajines and ojja, a local stew containing eggs. These are just a few of the many culinary delights that you can eat every day in Hammamet.

If you are a fan of health tourism, do not forget to visit a hammam, with jets of water at different temperatures and therapists offering body cleansing or a massage.

If you want to get even more acquainted with the local culture, don't miss the International Festival of Hammamet. This event takes place from mid-July to mid-August offering a programme of jazz, opera, theatre and circus shows and has been taking place since 1964.

Book your hotel in Hammamet

If you want to enjoy all this and more then come and visit us at the 4-star Iberostar Averroes. This holiday complex is a seafront hotel with direct access to the beach, equipped with all the amenities for an unbeatable trip to Hammamet: a choice of both children's and adults swimming pool, a concierge service, a spa, outdoor hot tub, a gym, a hairdressing and beauty centre, a convention centre, and meeting rooms.

If you have decided to travel with children, the kids will have a great time in the playground and taking part in activities specifically organized for them in the Star Camp program.

So why wait? Check out our Tunisia hotel offers today. In Hammamet, Mahdia, Djerba or Sousse - book one of our rooms and enjoy the holiday of your dreams.