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Millions of people from around the world visit Miami each year—and with good reason. Year-round sunshine and vibrant cultural attractions fuel Miami’s allure and entice visitors looking for unbeatable warm weather and entertainment. Miami is a fusion of countless nationalities and cultures. The result? A city that’s remarkably diverse and unlike any other. You’ll be drawn in by all senses, by its unique aesthetic and increasing cultural movement, the aroma of the food, the sound of new languages, the sight of tanned beach-goers and a taste of novelty. Miami’s attractions certainly don’t stop at the beach. With charming historical districts, energetic nightlife spots and a stellar cuisine, Miami has something to offer for any type of visitor.

  • South Beach: South Beach is Miami’s most popular area. It is home to lavish beach-front hotels and the city’s best nightclubs. Its streets are lined with the iconic Art Deco buildings that you’ve likely seen in TV shows like Miami Vice, Burn Notice, Miami CSI and Law and Order: Miami. You can sightsee throughout South Beach and shop as you stroll down Lincoln Road, an open air mall brimming with restaurants.
  • Little Havana: Little Havana is a hub for Cubans and Central and South Americans. Its famous Calle Ocho entices tourists with the promise of authentic Cuban food and lively Latin music. As you walk down Calle Ocho, you’ll come across mom-and-pop shops selling cigars, art, records and vintage home decor. At Máximo Gómez Park, you can sit back and people-watch as Cuban retirees play day-long dominoes tournaments. You can find a foreign films cinema nearby and a Calle Ocho Walk of Fame for Cuban celebrities.
  • Design District: The Miami Design District is fairly new area, located in the neighborhood formerly known as Buena Vista. This district is home to leading high-end retail stores, art galleries, first-rate art and innovative architecture. Spend an afternoon walking through the Design District and uncover hidden gems like the frequently photographed “blue man”, the Le Corbusier sculpture.
  • Midtown: Miami’s Midtown is an urban development that has grown rapidly in the past few years. Its “Home of the Shops” was built to mimic New York’s SOHO neighborhood. Wynwood, just south of Midtown, is a major Miami attraction.  It is the epicenter of the city’s mural arts scene and features countless galleries and outside artworks. Many galleries, boutique shops, cafes and breweries, reside in this charmingly industrial neighborhood. Highlights include Wynwood Walls, an outdoor destination which showcases the work of renowned street artists. As you wander through Wynwood, you’ll spot memorable sayings graffitied onto the pavement, amazing works of art painted on the walls, one-of-a-kind boutiques and lots of people enjoying the sunlit district
  • Downtown: Downtown Miami is known as Miami’s business center and consists of Brickell and Downtown Miami Historic District. Brickell is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Miami, recognized by its skyline of high-rise buildings. Miami’s banking, investment and financial sectors are concentrated here, along with most of Florida’s foreign consultants. With an efficient public transportation system and plenty of shops on every corner, Brickell was constructed to be pedestrian friendly. The Downtown Miami Historic District contains 60 historic buildings, including the Freedom Tower and Miami’s oldest church, built in 1896.
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  • Electricity/AC voltage: 110 Volt

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