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It is difficult to find a city in the world that arouses as many emotions as Lisbon. Whether it’s for the decadent beauty of its old mansions or the melancholic air that interweaves with its everlasting melody – el fado, that was masterfully interpreted by the late Amália Rodrigues, – be what it may, Lisbon is an invitation to nostalgia. Or rather to the saudade, as Lisboans would say.

Anyway, the capital of Portugal offers much more than that. Despite being very close to the Atlantic, this city with just over half a million inhabitants can boast of its mild Mediterranean climate and around 3.300 hours of sunshine and barely 100 days of rain a year. Hence, some have renamed this place as the second Barcelona. These features, along with the small size, make this destination point an ideal place to visit on foot. And yes: if you want to climb up and down the hills, there is nothing better than to hop on one of the iconic yellow trams.

For those who decide to visit Lisbon, the city offers an enormous number of monuments, sandy beaches in proximity to the city centre and lots of attractions all over the area, with such famous places as Cascais, Sintra or Estoril. It can also take pride in its irresistible Portuguese cuisine, simple as well as exquisite, with unfailing cod (or bacalhau) as a spearhead. And all this goes at prices that make you fall in love with the food and nurture your tender feeling for these lovely cobbled avenidas. And here comes the question: how about taking a pint for only 1,5 euros in one of the most touristic areas?

To help you enjoy these experiences, we encourage you to book and discover our Iberostar Selection Lisboa hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. Its unbeatable location is in the proximity to Marquês de Pombal Square, Avenida da Liberdade that is full of luxury stores, and Eduardo VII Park which is a perfect place for you to start exploring the city streets that captivated the celebrated Fernando Pessoa.

Check out our holiday offers in Lisbon and give yourself a truly unique Portuguese break.

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Iberostar Selection Lisboa

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Iberostar Selection Lisboa

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