Isla Canela

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What to do in Isla Canela

The experiences in Isla Canela taste like sea water. This small location on Costa de la Luz has something for everyone. Visitors leave Isla Canela with a suitcase full of good memories: the sunset in the Atlantic Ocean, the impressive marshes, the kindness of local people in Ayamonte and, of course, the delicious food.

Experiences in Isla Canela: What to do

  • Ayamonte Market: The market selling fresh food stands in the centre of Ayamonte and is a heaven for Andalusian food lovers. Colours, smells and flavours mix in a dozen traditional stalls in this two-level building where cooks will find what they need to prepare a great meal.
  • Sunset in Isla Canela. From the bar and restaurant terraces bustling with people in the Isla Canela marina, you can admire the sun coming down, with its beautiful warm light on the coast of Huelva. You can have a nice talk over a drink or enjoy a romantic dinner by the sea.
  • Punta del Moral beach bars: Rice-based dishes, squid or traditional picadillo can be savoured in some of Isla Canela’s best beach bars or chiringuitos in Punta del Moral. They prepare all the genuine local recipes, which patrons can eat as they enjoy the views of Isla Cristina, across the river Carreras.
  • Bike rides across Isla Canela: Along the beach in Isla Canela, with spectacular views of the sea and running by the road, there is a bike lane to go on two wheels with your family or partner at any time of day, enjoying the beautiful coastal landscape peppered with dunes.
  • Country: Spain
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Euro
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V