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Discover our hotel in Isla Canela

Isla Canela is a small island located south of the town of Ayamonte, in Andalusia, Spain. It can be reached by a causeway across the marshes of the Guadiana River and is one of the main destinations in the Costa de la Luz. Having only 300 inhabitants, this privileged spot stands out for its pleasant climate (the average annual temperature is 17.5 ºC), the best beaches in Spain and the short distance from Faro airport just 50 km away in the Portuguese region of the Algarve. In addition, Seville airport and high-speed train station are just 140 km away. To enjoy all the attractions of the area choose Iberostar and we will help you to make the most out of the Costa de la Luz and your holidays in Spain.

Located to the south of the town of Ayamonte, consisting of two main neighbourhoods, Canela and Punta del Moral, Isla Canela and all 7 km of its beaches have all the infrastructure and a wide range of services needed to make sure your holiday spent in this part of southern Spain is exceptional.

If you are looking to leave all your worries behind, Isla Canela is a perfect choice, as this is one of the best places to experience everything the Costa de la Luz has to show and impress you with.

  • Country: Spain
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Euro
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V

What to see in Isla Canela

Apart from the fact that Isla Canela is a top destination for the best beach holidays in Spain, this corner is also notable from a historical point of view. The magnificent sights of Isla Canela representing many different eras should certainly be seen during your Costa de la Luz holidays.

The most eminent attraction of Isla Canela is the Roman mausoleum of Punta del Moral. This family pantheon dating from the fourth century A.D. was discovered in 1986. This finding, along with other archaeological finds, confirms the belief that there were Roman settlements in Isla Canela dedicated to fishing and the manufacturing of salted fish, dating back to around 300 AD.

Another important place of interest is a stone tower, Torre de Isla Canela, which was raised in the 16th century by order of Philip II to protect the Atlantic coast of southern Spain from Turkish and Berber pirate attacks. The tower was renovated in 2009 to keep the history alive.

However, there is more to see in the area. Ayamonte, the municipality Isla Canela belongs to, has a lot to surprise tourists with. Without a doubt, the town’s defensive constructions are the most remarkable tourist attractions. Two of them which are certainly worth visiting are the Bastions of Las Angustias dating from the sixteenth century and reconstructed in 1999, and Buscarruidos also known as the Flower Bastion, protecting the northern and eastern walls.

In addition, while in Ayamonte spend some time at the emblematic Theater-Cinema Cardenio or the Palace of The Marquis of Ayamonte which is now the town hall. Another must-see place in Ayamonte is El Pintado Mill dating back to the 18th century and considered the best-preserved tidal mill in the Huelva province.

Finally, the religious architecture of Ayamonte is worth visiting too. We recommend you visit the Church of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias, the Church of San Francisco, the Mercedes Temple, El Salvador church and three chapels: San Antonio, Nuestra Madame del Carmen and Socorro. As you see, there is a lot to see in Isla Canela, helping you make your Costa de la Luz holiday experience a wonderful combination of beach and culture.

What to do in Isla Canela

Beside the magnificent fine-sand Isla Canela beach, which is perfect for quiet family holidays in Spain, you will also find plenty of spectacular natural attractions to visit in the area. In fact, the eastern edge of Isla Canela borders with the marshes of Isla Cristina and with Carreras, a salt-water river separating Isla Canela from the municipality of Isla Cristina. In turn, the western part of Isla Canela neighbours the estuary of the Guadiana River, a natural border with Portugal. This geographical feature explains the presence of marshes in the surroundings, a distinctive characteristic of the place.

Should you be interested, why not explore the sand dunes in the Doñana National Park near Isla Canela, one of most ecologically valuable and most scenic areas on the Iberian Peninsula. Alternatively, take an excursion to the Algarve a breath taking area of the Portuguese coast.

In addition, there are many important Isla Canela festivities. One of the most famous on the Costa de la Luz is the Festival of the Virgen del Carmen. Starting out at the chapel of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, a procession sets out carrying an image of the Virgin to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean every year on the 16th of July.

Moreover, Huelva holidays are a great opportunity to taste all the bounties of Andalusian cuisine. In Isla Canela you can try the best fresh fish and seafood, as well as the incomparable Jabugo ham, Huelva prawns, tasty tiny coquina clams, salmorejo (a cold tomato purée) and Andalusian gazpacho. You must try the local food when you are here on holiday!

Finally, away from the coast, you have at your service the Isla Canela golf course, where one is able to combine relaxing and sport. Golf is an important part of Huelva tourism, so the quality of the facilities is really high.

Book your hotel in Isla Canela

For your holidays in Isla Canela to be as relaxing as possible, we provide at your disposal one of the best 4-star hotels in Spain - Iberostar Isla Canela. This hotel with direct access to Punta del Moral beach offers plenty of amenities and attentive service, so that you can relax and enjoy the Costa de la Luz to the full. You only need to think about what to see in Huelva and how to enjoy some of the best places in Spain.

At Iberostar Isla Canela Hotel, you can count on our SENSATIONS spa, gym, heated indoor pool, outdoor swimming pool, children's activities and show cooking. Even those travelling to Huelva on business will find this resort suitable. Book one of our conference rooms for your business event and you can be sure it will be organized just as you need it.

The nearby golf courses are another reason to choose Iberostar Isla Canela Hotel when planning your Costa de la Luz holidays since our guests get an exclusive discount there.

This Iberostar hotel on the Costa de la Luz is a safe bet for both romantic getaways and family holidays. Check out our hotel deals in Isla Canela, book a room and get ready to explore southern Spain with comfort. We are waiting for you!