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Do not miss the best events in Ibiza

Local celebrations in Ibiza have the taste of salt, fire, life. All of them are closely linked to the sea and are held throughout the year, from St Anthony’s Day in January to the Festival of Our Lady of the Snows, the Patroness, in early August. Processions and parades, street parties, fireworks, music bands… Ibiza is always ready for fun, music and merrymaking.

Main events in Ibiza

  • Feast of Sant Antoni: The patron saint of the district of Sant Antoni is the first to have a festival in the year. His feast is held in January; although this is not the high season, the event is a major one. There are animal blessings, Moors and Christians parades, and street parties: flower power, clothes from the 1970s, recreation of the Spanish Movida of the 1980s, and so on.
  • Feast of Santa Agnès: In late January, on St Agnes’s Day, the district of Santa Agnès de Corona holds one of the most deeply rooted folk festivals in Ibiza. The festive programme in this charming small village of blooming almond trees includes all kinds of activities for both children and grown-ups: traditional street parties, fancy dress competitions, popular races like Flor d’Ametller, farming exhibitions, bread baking workshops, and more.
  • Feast of Santa Eulària: Fancy dresses, poetry, love message competitions, lectures, regattas, tennis tournaments, theatre plays, outdoor meals and cookouts, go-kart (carrilana) racing are some of the attractions you will find in the district of Santa Eulària des Riu during the festival honouring the local patron saint. One of the funniest, most popular celebrations in Ibiza, this festival goes on for about two months, offering activities for all tastes and ages.
  • Anar a Maig: Also in Santa Eulària des Riu, the coming of the month of May is celebrated with lots of daily activities. It marks the beginning of the good weather and the peak tourist season. Some years it also coincides with Easter, as the celebrations usually go on from mid-April to early June.
  • Feast of Our Lady of El Carmen: With a 200km coastline, Ibiza clings to its deeply-rooted seafaring traditions. Like many other places with a sailing and fishing essence, the island pays tribute to Our Lady of El Carmen. Almost every district or village – and especially the harbour in the capital, ‘Vila’ – host processions at sea. Fishing boats are decked up to escort the Patroness of sailors.
  • Festival of the Land: Music, dance, food and tradition. Ibiza’s major festival reaches every festive aspect you can think you. Held as a tribute to Our Lady of the Snows, it makes a perfect opportunity to take a look at folk costumes, dances and traditions. The programme includes two types of activities: tributes and traditions, and modern celebrations. Highlights are the firework castle at the Vila, the tribute to fishermen at the pier, and the berenar (traditional meal) in Puig des Molins.
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