Icon of sophistication and exclusivity, the latest trends and the most extravagant styles meet in this Pityusic island. Although it is sometimes complex to distinguish the luxurious from the artificial, Ibiza always has some essential spots for those people looking for unique, exquisite and 100% Ibizan experiences. Of course, do not miss out on the opportunity to rest in one of the best adult-friendly hotels in Ibiza, or enjoy the light and magic of an island that has it all.


Celebrities, the royal family and high society in general meet every year at the most exclusive maritime meeting points: Ibiza’s marinas. Nobody can resist the temptation to sail between hidden coves, calm waters and privileged seabeds.

Among those that should not be missed, the Santa Eulalia Marina stands out, the port with the largest number of moorings in Ibiza and a luxurious meeting point of some of the most spectacular yachts in the world. However, it is curious to see all these boats rubbing elbows with the more traditional ones, such as the llaüt, a typical boat from the Balearic Islands. But as not everything revolves around boats (right?), in this marina you will also find some of the chicest shops on the island, ideal for a day full of shopping in Ibiza. And an additional plan: end the day enjoying a drink accompanied by a nice sea breeze at sunset. There are not many better ideas to welcome nightfall.

 We should not forget about the Ibiza Marina either. There is no better location on the island, since this famous marina is right in the center of the city. Good atmosphere, a complete list of nautical services and long overall length yachts (up to 60 meters) are the best presentation for the Ibiza Marina. As well as this introduction it is necessary to add that its prestigious club is one of the best options to have a drink surrounded by the most select environment.


Beyond the beach clubs located in the best hotels in Ibiza or the coveted hammocks, this island still preserves sandy areas where the luxury of tranquility and Ibiza’s almost virgin natural landscape become real.

Infinite blues contrast with the green vegetation that runs freely in Cala Xarraca, in Sant Joan de Labritja, one of the most fascinating natural spaces on the island. This golden sanded beach, located at the north end of the island, is also an excellent starting point to explore small neighboring corners or calmer coves that are close by.

A turquoise-blue bay welcomes all those who love water sports and a peaceful life, since you can, for example, rent a kayak with which to travel around part of the coast. Or simply swim in synchrony with the waves. There are suggestions for all tastes and opinions.

Another of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza is Cala Llentrisca, in Sant Josep, probably the most famous hidden treasure in Ibiza. After that statement, you can guess it is not easy to get here, although nobody said that reaching paradise was. Surrounded by leafy pine forests, calm and usually filled by the sound of the buzzing grasshoppers, Cala Llentrisca is one of those virgin corners that still make the traveler feel as if they were in another world. The perfect postcard image is provided by the coquettish fisherman's cabins and even a modest jetty. Together with the privileged elements with which nature has endowed this cove, they all form one of the best beaches in Ibiza.

In the incessant search for the most virgin and remote places, Es Portitxol is a special enough alternative to make the effort to get there. Its beautiful beach is almost circular, and its waters are transparent, green and turquoise blue. And yes, it is a corner where you can find a stillness from out of this world, of another island, of another Ibiza.


Almost all the beaches on the island are ready to vibrate with sports in Ibiza, such as diving. Thanks to its clear waters and its rich seabed, in addition to its constant temperature during the summer, Ibiza is full of places to practice scuba diving. With them, divers will enjoy unique enclaves such as Cap Nonó, Isla Conejera, Isla Bledas or Isla Espartá. We should also mention the seabed in the National Park of Ses Salines, which is also a World Heritage Site since 1999, due to the ecological importance of the sea grass which grows here, called Posidonia.

Once on the surface, trending sports such as wakesurfing, wakeboarding or water skiing are also extremely popular on the island. It is best to practice them first thing in the morning and from October to April, when the wind becomes an ally and the beaches of Ibiza are much emptier, as long as the weather permits.

Far from the sea, it is also very interesting to visit the other side of the island by taking a bike ride around Ibiza. Kilometers of track that cross beautiful villages with churches and traditional cafes. Leaving the tarmac aside, olive tree and cypress fields create idyllic trails through which to cycle, many of them with beautiful views of the sea from where you can see the most popular sunset in the Mediterranean, the Ibiza witch hour.

Also, some of the hotels in Ibiza have options for exercising during the holidays, within the framework of the most photogenic landscapes of the island. What other reason does one need to practice sports in Ibiza?


An island that represents one of the world's meccas for luxury must, of course, have a shopping offer that is up to standards. This destination promises and exceeds these expectations by offering some of the best options for shopping in Ibiza.

In turn, multi-brand stores are becoming increasingly popular on the island, so it is not difficult to find some of the best, dotted around many corners of Ibiza.

Starting with its capital, some of the best plans to go shopping in Ibiza are Mayurka Ibiza or Luz Ibiza, where you can find the most exclusive brands like Valentino or Balenciaga, or the colorful designs by Paul Smith.

With a much more autochthonous flavor and born thanks to the history that enriches the island today, are the seventies and sixties’ hippie Ibizan designs. Bohemian creations with vintage flairs can be found at Vicente Ganesha’s store, a popular classic that was the first fashion store in Ibiza. Uniquely unmissable.

And if we talk about shopping in Ibiza, we could not miss the par excellence stop, which is none other than the designer Charo Ruiz. Located in Santa Eulalia, Charo Ruiz is the representation of the Ibizan ad-lib trend, with creations as white as they are vaporous, as dreamlike as 100% autochthonous. Hence, fashion aficionados have plenty of choice when considering what to do in Ibiza.


There is no worthy summer or holiday season without a paella on the beach. Obviously, the art of eating a dish of delicious rice in front of the sea does not taste the same if it is done in Es Torrent, one of the most privileged island enclaves, and yes, where they also serve one of the best rices in Ibiza. With a taste of the sea, but without a view to it, we find the Pou des Lleó restaurant, which is also a small and a very old hostel. These are two temples of Ibizan cuisine you must visit, where locals go on pilgrimage in search of a good shelter ... and, above all, good food. 

To get to El Bigotes, you must go through towns such as Sant Carles and get to Cala Mastella from there. When you arrive, do not try to search for the menu; in this legendary beach bar located practically on the sea, the menu is the same today as it was in the seventies: a delicious fish stew with potatoes as a single dish. You can repeat as many times as you want, but beware, the delicious suquet that accompanies the fish precedes a main dish composed by an arrós a banda (rice cooked in fish stock) to die for, all at reasonable prices. The friendliness of the family and the impressive views of the sea complete a meal that leaves the diner completely satisfied, and even more in love with Ibiza’s gastronomy.

Few places on the island preserve the hippie spirit as well as bar Anita, where it is essential to order one of the house's specialties: its Ibizan herbal liqueur. Here, in addition to eating and drinking well, we must pay attention to its curious interior décor, dotted with mailboxes. It is not a fashion designer’s whim, but the fruit of needs; this restaurant also serves as the post office for the area, located in the true heart of the island. Very close to this place, going towards Santa Eulalia, we find one of the most classic corners of Ibiza, the famous hippie market of Las Dalias. Stalls, crafts, gastronomy and the desire to have a good time all convey in the most famous market -and with more history- of the island. That's why it will be the perfect finishing touch for a truly authentic Ibiza holiday.

Going towards Santa Eulalia and taking a detour to Es Canar, there is no better place than Chirincana, a simple beach bar located in Cala Martina, next to the only campsite in Ibiza. A return to the simple things of life, and gastronomy, topped by dishes such as salads and homemade pizzas that you can enjoy bare footed while listening to live music on the sand.

And if summer means the same to sardines as what Ibiza means to the sea, Acuario is the ideal beach bar to prove this saying. With only ten tables, its guests are so close to the water that, if the sea is rough, they will most probably get wet. Another peculiarity is that, from here, you can visit the nearby cave that can only be reached by sea, forming a natural aquarium that can also be visited.

On the other hand, the parties in Ibiza are also an unbeatable opportunity to enjoy the flavors and textures of this Balearic island.