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Events in Hungary

The most important festivals in Hungary:

  • March 15. National Holiday in Hungary.  All of Hungary commemorates the beginning of the Revolution and the War of Independence (1848-1849), which turned the country into a parliamentary state. There are parades in major Hungarian cities and other popular events.
  • Late March. The Budapest Spring Festival. During this world famous event, the city of Budapest dresses up and becomes the capital of European culture by organizing conferences, theatre, opera, concerts, exhibitions, folklore, dance, etc..
  • May to August. The Szeged Outdoor Festival. The city of Szeged in the southern part of the country, has been organizing the largest outdoor theatre festival in Hungary since 1930. It runs from the second half of May to the second half of August in the basilica square.
  • June.  Budapest Carnival. The city of Budapest celebrates Carnival with parades of floats and celebrations in very special settings.  Among the most significant we have the carnival of Busójáras in Mohacs, some 125 miles from Budapest, the carnival in the Baranya region, and in Gyula, a city with some of the most beautiful architecture in Hungary.
  • August 20. Hungarian Constitutional Day and St. Stephen’s Day. This national holiday is dedicated to King St. Stephen I, considered the founder of Hungary.
  • Third week of August.  Carnival Week of the Flowers of Debrecen. The colourful parades in Debrecen make the festival one of the most popular events in Hungary. About 180,000 spears adorned with flowers are paraded through the streets of the city, the former capital of Hungary and the second most populous of the country, and escorted by coaches up to the city's Municipal Stadium. The Debrecen flower festival also hosts musical performances and dances from around the world.
  • October 23. The Republic of Hungary Day. Hungarians commemorate the anniversary of the uprising against the pro-Stalinist government (in 1956) and the proclamation of the Republic of Hungary (1989).
  • Country: Hungary
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Forint (HUF)
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V
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