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Local festivals in Huelva

The local feasts and festivals in Huelva start in January and end only in December. Crowded processions, feasts to honour the local patron saint, carnival marked by funny satire, and film festivals are held throughout the province. They are another reason to travel to Costa de la Luz.

Major events in Huelva

  • Saint Sebastian, patron saint of Huelva. Huelva starts off the new year with its major fiestas. During an entire week until 20 January, the streets become a huge outdoor stage that host concerts, cante, dance, children’s games, religious events and speeches. They are colourful and you can always expect mild weather in this time of year.
  • The slaughter: Rather than a local festival, the slaughter is a tradition held with passion in the hilly country of Huelva. In January and February, they prepare sausages and savour the authentic flavour of this province in southern Spain. The warmth of Huelva’s villages and people turn the slaughter into a special event.
  • Carnival in Huelva: Fancy dresses, laughter and irreverent humour. In Huelva, carnival celebrations are very popular throughout the province, especially the Carnavales Colombinos and Carnavales de Isla Cristina, held for centuries and rich in satire and fun.
  • Easter in Huelva: Less spectacular than in Seville, Holy Week is celebrated with passion in the entire province of Huelva. Processions in the capital city are a huge display of emotions, lights and shadows that fill the streets with mystery.
  • Rocío procession: Internationally renowned and 700 years old, the Rocío procession, the biggest in Spain, attracts in May and June a huge number of participants and onlookers who travel to this village of Almonte accompanied by carriages, singers, colourful dresses and deep feelings.
  • Saca de lasYeguas: Almonte plays home in June every year one of the most spectacular traditions in Huelva. Cattle breeders meet as in the old days. They gather all the wild mares and colts from Doñana National Park in the village to brand them.
  • Virgin of El Carmen: Costa de la Luz honours the Virgin of sailors every 16 July with a feast that fills with joy, colour and devotion the rivers, the sea and the streets of Ayamonte, Isla Cristina and Isla Canela. The effigy of the Virgin is carried on procession on the banks of the river Guadiana.
  • Columbus Festival: Held since 1882 in early August, the festival commemorates the day Columbus set sail from the port of Palos with three ships towards the New World. There are sports, fireworks, booths, flamenco clubs, bullfights, music and food. Huelva at its best.
  • Ibero-American Film Festival: The annual film festival is held in November. Huelva throws the red carpet for the Ibero-American film festival, which took place for the first time in 1974 to celebrate film in Spanish and Portuguese. The big prize is the Colón de Oro (Golden Columbus).
  • Country: Spain
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  • Change: Euro
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V
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