The physical setting of the summer is aquatic, there's no doubt about that. The weather is good, and the body tends to spend more time soaking, swimming, playing or simply cooling down.

The good news is that water is not just relief from the heat. It's also an environment in which to exercise differently and very productively. So, on your next vacation, don’t hesitate – exercise in the sea or the hotel pool. Your body will thank you.

In addition to the benefits discussed below, the resorts’ complete activities, their program Fit & Fun and the modern facilities, help you a lot, and not only to cool down and refresh, but also to tone up. So, there are no excuses!

a person swimming in a pool of water

Benefits for everyone

Activities such as aquafitness, spinning in the water, water aerobics, or aqua zumba are some of the most well-known disciplines in this sport sub-category. In addition to taking place in water, all of them have endless positive consequences for the body. So logically, when you read the many advantages they have, you think it really is a magic bullet. And yet, it it so much better. Come on!

It's injury-free. Water cushions any impact, meaning the joints and extremities suffer little or no pain. Moreover, it is impossible to fall, and any bad posture is corrected without any risk.

It puts up more resistance than air. As a general rule, this element requires that effort be multiplied by 12 for the same exercise. That’s why many specialist doctors consider that toning is much more helpful during an hour in the water than a weight session.

a pool of water

The body versus flotation. If you add to the exercise itself other elements such as flotation belts and harnesses, the sport becomes a challenge. And it also allows you to experience the feeling of walking on the moon and doing anti-gravity exercises.

Pure relaxation. The smoothness of movements and the peace conveyed by this element causes muscles to strengthen with a constant feeling of relaxation. As though it doesn't require much effort or tire.

Happiness and fun. The combination of all these advantages, together with the novelty of a new sport, means that the brain doesn't see of all this as a sport. What's more, the most natural thing is that you’ll get hooked and don't stop practicing it, at least during your vacations.