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Events in Tenerife

The local feasts and festivals in Tenerife are almost a must if you wish to learn more about the character of the island people. Traditional, pagan or religious, they shine with emotion and fun. All the municipalities in Tenerife hold feasts to honour their patron saints. You will enjoy them along with locals and will have the chance to know about their culture and history.

Major events in Tenerife

  • Feast of Saint Anthony the Abbot: Arona, next to Costa Adeje, starts the year off with the feast of Saint Anthony the Abbot. The feast oozes symbolism and tradition when the image of the saint is escorted by locals donning traditional costumes and dancing to the rhythm of Canary songs. The procession ends in Plaza de la Verbena. The big celebrations are on 17 January.
  • Carnival in Tenerife: Regarded as one of the best carnival celebrations in the world, along with those in Brazil, carnival in Tenerife is a major festivity on the island, especially in the capital, Santa Cruz, twinned with Río de Janeiro for years now, and in Puerto de la Cruz, in the area of La Orotava. The activities take place on official stages and in the streets, gathering thousands of people every year.
  • Saint Mark’s procession: In late April, the village of Tegueste celebrates with fervour and devotion the huge procession of Saint Mark, which every year attracts more and more locals and out-of-towners. Carriages, local products, traditional dance, cattle fairs… A lively time of year when everybody asks for a blessing from the saint.
  • Easter in La Laguna: There are many who say this is the municipality with the most intense devotional character in Tenerife. La Laguna’s Easter celebrations have floats carried by brethren who take to the streets every year to honour their saints. In stark contrast to what you can see in Seville, celebrations are sober and intimate, but they offer a singular character that is worth experiencing first-hand.
  • Corpus Christi: As in the rest of Spain, this religious feast is held between May and June, and has flowers as its main stars. The enormous flower carpets made by hand by the inhabitants of various municipalities and the devotees take the streets of La Orotava, La Laguna and Santa Cruz.
  • Saint Benedict the Abbot’s procession: Named a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest, the procession of this saint is amongst the most popular in Tenerife. It is held on the second Sunday of July every year in La Laguna. The most peculiar tradition is that of the saint’s escort, made of seven women who wear the traditional dresses of Canary Islands.
  • Feast of the Hearts: Held on 24 August, it honours Saint Bartholomew and is well known for the offerings in the shape of hearts made with sweets, flowers and fruit. In total, they make three hearts weighing 800kg, each carried by 25 men on a procession. The hearts represent the three districts in the coastal town of Tejina.
  • Saint Andrew’s Eve: This feast is held late in the year, in November, in Icod de los Vinos. All the wineries in this lovely town are open to the public to offer wine tastings on this day.
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