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Events in Marbella

Popular feasts and festivals do not stop in Marbella. The city has a year-round programme of events that turns it into a cultural hub for the entire coast of Málaga. Tradition and the avant-garde in art fuse to create a wide range of options for visitors to enjoy the city’s charm.

Major events in Marbella

  • May – Procession of the Cross: Marbella too celebrates this typical Andalusian feast that the local population enjoys so much. Visitors can taste exquisite local food and get to know the genuine popular culture of southern Spain, as they take in the fragrances of a blossoming spring.
  • June – Saint Barnabas: The feast of Saint Barnabas is the major feast in Marbella. It is held in the first half of June and there is fun for all and sundry, from celebrations by the sea to sports and workshops for children, concerts, and so on.
  • June – Marbella International Arts Festival: Created by American artist Pixie Glore along with Caroline Bowley, this annual arts festival turns Marbella into a cauldron where the latest artistic trends are broiled, from graffiti and the digital arts to street performances and open-air entertainment.
  • 23 June – Burning of the Júas: Bonfires, dance and songs until dawn. On Saint John’s Eve, the night gets filled with magic in Marbella. People tell stories and enjoy the summer. There is the traditional burning of the rag dolls known as ‘Júas’ too, with satirical references to local or international affairs.
  • July – Music festivals: Piano, indie music, big artists… July is the month of music festivals in Marbella. Many of them are held in town, including Starlite Festival, drawing artists such as Bryan Adams, Noa, Paco de Lucía, Julio Iglesias, Alejandro Sanz, and many others.
  • 16 July – Feast of El Carmen: As in every other coastal village, the feast in honour of the Virgin of El Carmen, the Patroness of seafarers, is a big event in Marbella, including a procession from the fishing port to Puerto Banús.
  • October – San Pedro de Alcántara: San Pedro de Alcántara, a district located past Puerto Banús, holds its major feast in October, closing the summer in Marbella in style. It is a very popular, colourful feast, with fun guaranteed for kids and grown-ups alike.
  • 1 November – El Tostón: A traditional family feast in the open air in the country. There is food, dance and games for people of all ages. It is held at the same time as the religious feast of All Saints, gathering locals and visitors from different coastal villages in Málaga.
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