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Experiences in Hammamet reproduce the special charm that exists in every corner of this town in Tunisia and takes visitors to a whole new world. Camelback rides across the desert, sailing in the Mediterranean in a pirate ship, walking inside the medina and watching the sun going down from the medina’s walls, sharing a cup of tea in a tea house, eating brik... Find out what to do in Hammamet and enjoy a new experience every day.

Experiences in Hammamet: What to do

  • Shopping in Nabeul market: The market is open on Friday and sells souvenirs, home decor accessories, tea, fruit, sweets... In sum, it can be a unique experience, an explosion of colours and flavours, a place to get lost for hours and masterthe art of bargaining.
  • Camelback riding in Hammamet: A curious thing to do in Hammamet is exploring the town on camelback. Excursions vary from 15-minute rides across quiet areas or long rides to the desert, where looking at the sunset can be a unique experience. All tours are headed by a local guide.
  • Belly dancing: Or better, attending a belly dancing show in a traditional bar in Hammamet. The music is sensual and the dancers twist the hips while you sip your tea or eat some brik, a popular Tunisian snack.
  • Boat ride through the gulf of Hammamet: Themed ships – the pirate-themed ship is great for families travelling with children – depart from the port of Hammamet every day. They take tourists along the coast off the city.
  • Having tea by the beach of Hammamet: Hammamet’s beach is lined with all kinds of restaurants, bars and taverns serving local specialties such as green tea, which is drunk from decorated tea glasses. The best souvenir to take back home is the lovely aroma of green tea leaves.
  • Sunset in the Medina: Take a walk through the streets lined with whitewashed houses and head for the seashore. Watching the sunset in Hammamet is a memorable experience. Fill your eyes with the reddish light that taints the medina and the fortress that protects it. A perfect photo op.
  • Eating out in a jaima: The best way of trying the local food is not the outdoor tables in a restaurant but having couscous under a jaima canopy by the sea, in a stunning atmosphere, ideal for a romantic dinner.
  • Day-trip to Sousse: Rent a car and head for Sousse, a town south of Hammamet and a typical example of a town dating from the first centuries of Islam. Lovers of the arts and archaeology will find in the pearl of the Sahel the Great Mosque, one of the earliest buildings located in the medina – a World Heritage Site since 1988 –, and the catacombs from the 1st century AD.
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Tunisian dinar
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V