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Look at the calendar of events and festivals in Hammamet and plan your trip to get closer to the culture and tradition of this town in Tunisia. There are festivals throughout the year, but some religious feasts are held in the same month on different days every year. The spring and summer on this Mediterranean coast are particularly full of interesting, colourful events.

Major events in Hammamet

  • January – Revolution Day: The events leading to the toppling of Ben Ali have been dubbed in Western media ‘Jasmine Revolution’ or ‘Jasmine Spring’ after Tunisia’s national flower. The name adopted in Tunisia was the ‘Dignity Revolution’, which is a translation of the Arabic name for the revolution.
  • 20 March – Independence Day: In 1956, Tunisia achieved independence from France. Independence Day commemorates the uprising leading to this achievement, with the most important celebrations taking place in the capital city.
  • March/April – Orange Festival: The town of has a peculiar way to celebrate one of the star products growing in this Tunisian region: oranges. The festival is held at the end of the citrus, orange is the most important, not the only one, harvesting season. Traditional food, music and dance take the streets of Hammamet.
  • April – Martyrs’ Day: Tunisia commemorates the national martyrs in early April with several solemn functions and offerings. Martyrs’ Day is celebrated with patriotic fervour in villages and towns across Tunisia.
  • June/July – Hammamet International Festival: When the summer sets in and loads of tourists arrive in Hammamet, there begins the cultural activities scheduled for June and July, including dance, music and theatre plays featuring internationally renowned artists in the big town auditorium.
  • August – Hammamet Nautical Festival: In early August, Hammamet holds a big nautical fair with sports, traditional dance, cookouts, beach parties and games related to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • September – Grape Harvest Festival: In Grombalia, some 30km from Hammamet, a big festival is staged around the second half of September, at the end of the grape harvest season. Food and music fill the air in this small grape growing region that, curiously enough, is a Muslim region, where alcohol is banned by the Quran.
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Tunisian dinar
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V