Font de sa Cala

  • CountrySpain
  • Capital cityMadrid
  • Time zone
  • Language(s) spokenSpanish
  • ChangeEuro
  • Electricity/AC voltage220 V

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What to see in Font de Sa Cala

The things you can do in Sa Font de sa Cala open up a world of possibilities to get to know the most genuine Majorcan spirit: ruins, forts, conquerors’ monuments, world-famous castles… Everything in Sa Font de sa Cala invites you to explore the traditions of the island’s Llevant, its culture, heritage and art. Listen to the centuries-old tales these places tell you and take a look at the postcard pictures around you.

What to do and what to see in Sa Font de sa Cala

  • Capdepera Castle: This majestic well-kept castle dominates the whole town, affording stunning views of the coast of Minorca on clear days. The walled fortress was built on the ruins of a Muslim village by order of King James II of Majorca to fight off attacks from the sea in north-eastern Majorca.
  • Talaiot de s’Heretat: Evidence has been found in Sa Font de sa Cala and Capdepera of Majorca’s Talaiotic culture. One of the main archaeological sites is Claper des Gegant or Talaiot de s’Heretat in Canyamel, a well-preserved Talaiotic village about 1.7km from the sea.
  • Canyamel Tower: The symbol of Canyamel, Sa Font de sa Cala’s neighbouring village, this tower stands by the road leading to Capdepera. Its original name was ‘Montsó Tower’. It is 20m high, which means it affords awesome views of Canyamel bay from the top.
  • Betlem Shrine: One of the main religious buildings in Majorca’s Llevant, this shrine was built in 1805 on the site of fortified tower and an oil mill in an old Muslim hamlet. In the shelter of leafy cypresses, it welcomes visitors with its beautiful façade clock and filigree rose window. The area has many other curious treasures: gardens, fountains, even a water mill…
  • Cuevas de Artà: Close to the beach in Canyamel, these caves are one of the most amazing natural sights on the Balearic Islands. They were formed at the foot of the cliffs, and their curious shapes, which have evolved from prehistoric times, put up a unique natural show.
  • Can March gardens: This sort of open-air museum are in fact the gardens of one of the stately homes owned by the March family in Majorca, Sa Torre Cega. Located at the far end of Cala Ratjada, the garden houses contemporary sculptures and native Mediterranean animal species.

Hotels in Font de sa Cala

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