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The main beaches in Estepona

Spanning a 23km-long coastline, the beaches in Estepona are the perfect setting to enjoy the sea in a quiet family-friendly atmosphere. There are amazing, exceptionally well-preserved natural areas. Being one of the major touristy cities on the Costa del Sol, Estepona offers beaches that are attractive beyond their crystal-clear water and fine sand, for they feature dozens of beach bars where you can unwind and take a look at the landscape.

Main beaches in Estepona:

  • El Sol beach: Very near Punta del Saladillo, within the housing development of Villacana, Playa del Sol is perfect for a family holiday: fine access from nearby hotels, moderate swell and all kinds of services, including security, showers and beach bars.
  • El Saladillo beach: A 3km-long golden sand strip makes one of Estepona’s most popular beaches, in the area of Benamara. Despite the moderate swell, it is great for a dip and for all kinds of water sports. Services include parking (without security) and access on foot.
  • Arroyo Vaquero beach: Also known as Guadalobón or Costa Natura, this semi-urban sandy beach is 2.5km long and 30m wide. Easily accessible from Estepona Bay, it always attracts crowds of beachgoers. There is a 400m-long section dedicated to naturists. The moderate swell, dependent on the wind, attracts water sports lovers as well.
  • Arroyo de los Caños beach: This somewhat smaller beach (1.2km long) offers fine, dark gold sand and the calmest waters you will find in Estepona. The area is quite lively, peppered with beach clubs, houses and restaurants. The occupancy rate is thus above average all year round.
  • El Cristo beach: Estepona’s main urban beach, close to the local marina, is sheltered from the wind. This makes it ideal for a splash, for there is virtually no swell. Recently rehabilitated, El Cristo offers lots of services and easy access. This has raised its popularity among both visitors and locals.
  • Playabella or Guadalmansa beach: It is one of the longest beaches in Estepona: a 2.5km sand passing by small housing developments, including sections with all kinds of services. Most sections are well-preserved and far from houses, surrounded by manicured green areas. Moderate swell, fine, dark sand, and easy access. 
  • Country: Spain
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Euro
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V