Users can sign up to the personalised Loyalty Programme “My Iberostar” (hereinafter the “Programme” of the “Loyalty Programme”), through the Iberostar website (, owned by IBEROSTAR HOTELES Y APARTAMENTOS, S.L., with registered offices at calle General Riera, 154, Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Tax ID code B28049344. The Terms and Conditions detailed below relate to said programme and its points allocation and management system in the booking process on, at the hotels that are indicated below. 

Use of this page implies the acceptance of our privacy policies: that of, the “My Iberostar” loyalty programme and this document. We advise that you read these terms and conditions before completing your booking each time you access our website, since the portal reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove at any time, the present conditions, the points allocation system upon booking at and the hotels participating in this programme.

The benefits of the programme and its points allocation system are only applicable to reservations made through the website for hotels located in Spain, Tunisia, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro and Cape Verde (hereinafter the Hotels). Any reference made to the advantages of the programme and its points allocation system is understood as referring only to the previously mentioned Hotels. Thus, hotels that are marketed through located in Bulgaria, USA, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico and the Dominican Republic or any other location that is not expressly included in the points allocation system, are excluded from the Programme advantages.




1. Purpose. The “My Iberostar” programme is a personalised loyalty programme from IBEROSTAR HOTELES Y APARTAMENTOS, S.L. (IBEROSTAR) applicable exclusively to reservations made through the website, intended to reward our most loyal customers who through My Iberostar want to enjoy exclusive benefits such as discounts, access to their reservation history, favourite hotels, points with each reservation that can be redeemed for gifts and being the first to receive personalised deals with the best guaranteed prices and a more personalised service. The benefits are stated below and apply to reservations made through for hotels situated in Spain, Tunisia, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro and Cape Verde, for Programme members, in addition to any additional benefits valid at the time:

- Points allocation (“IberostarPOINTS”) in accordance with the section entitled “Levels”, which can be redeemed for products and/or services (“IberostarGifts”) available for this purpose at that time.

- Discounts of up to 15% extra off the reservation price, in accordance with details included in the section of this document entitled “Levels”.

- Exclusive and personalised treatment to stay informed about the offers that best suit your tastes and interests. 

2. Participating Companies. The participating companies are those that offer their services through the Web and are operating owners of Iberostar hotels located in Spain, Tunisia, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro and Cape Verde. 

3.   Programme Holders. Any individuals of legal age who have registered on can be holders (hereinafter “Holders” or “Holder”) of a “My Iberostar” Programme account. Use of the "My Iberostar" account is personal and non-transferable.

4. Levels: Benefits improve depending on the number of reservations made by the Holder. There are three user levels, from 1 to 3. At a higher level, a greater discount is applied and a larger number of IberostarPOINTS are assigned.



Level 1: Registered user without any bookings made. 

10% discount on the booking, before taxes and fees.

The equivalent of 10% of the final booking cost in IberostarPOINTS, before taxes and fees.


Level 2: Registered user with at least one stay.

15% discount on the booking, before taxes and fees.

(*) €25 voucher to use at the hotel on dining and spa services.

(*) Late check-out until 14:00 upon request and subject to hotel availability. 

The equivalent of 12% of the final booking cost in IberostarPOINTS, before taxes and fees.


Level 3: Registered user with three stays or one or two stays at a total price of €5,000. 

15% discount, before taxes and fees.

(*) €50 voucher to use at the hotel on dining and spa services.

(*) Late check-out until 14:00* upon request and subject to hotel availability.

The equivalent of 15% of the final booking cost in IberostarPOINTS, before taxes and fees.

For these purposes, only reservations made at and registered in “My Iberostar” are taken into account.

(*) Late check-out and restaurant voucher benefits will be subject to hotel availability and require a minimum stay of two nights.

(*) Some hotels may be excluded from this promotion. 

Important information: You can redeem your IberostarPOINTS up to 10 days before you arrive at the hotel. After this period, the points will be stored in your account and you will be able to redeem them in future bookings. Under no circumstances will you be able to redeem them during your stay.


5. Points System Modification. Iberostar and the other participating companies forming part of the Programme and its points allocation system reserve the right to modify, at any time, totally or partially, and without prior notice to the Holder, the benefits, criteria or points tables in force on that date, these general conditions, the operating rules or any aspect related to the Programme and the points allocation system indicated.

6. Points system cancellation. Iberostar reserves the right to cancel the Programme at any time, totally or partially, without prior notice or liability, and without the Holder being entitled to any reimbursement from Iberostar or any other company from the Iberostar Group. In such case, the points allocation system will be cancelled and thus any accumulated points will be void.

7. Liability Disclaimer. Iberostar will not be responsible for claims of any kind derived, directly or indirectly, from the relationship between Holders and Participating Companies in the points system for the use or acquisition of services or products of said companies, regardless of whether said relationship would have occurred in a transaction to obtain or use points. Iberostar will only guarantee the Holder points that had not been received at the time in accordance with the conditions applicable to each case.

8. Non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the Programme. Iberostar reserves the right to cancel the account and hold the holder liable for improper or fraudulent use of the points system or breaching the general or working conditions of said points system. In any case, the breach and the improper or fraudulent acquisition or use of points will result in the loss of privileges that the holder would have obtained.

9. Unsubscription from the Programme. Holders can terminate their Programme membership at any time by notifying the LOPD department in writing ( Ten days after receiving notification, the Holder will no longer receive any type of information regarding the points system and their account will be terminated along with all corresponding IberostarPOINTS. Holders may also exercise their rights as recognised by Data Protection regulations and read more about the Programme Privacy Policy here.

10. Taxation. The Holder, beneficiary of the products or services (“IberostarGifts”) and of the points allocation system, must take into consideration the tax implications for their country, for which Iberostar will not be held responsible.

11. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction. These General Terms and Conditions are supplemented by the operating rules of the Points System containing details regarding the process of obtaining and using IberostarPOINTS along with its particular features. Said Terms and Conditions and operating rules form a unit, and are interpreted in accordance with Spanish regulation and are subject, when applicable, to the provisions of Law 7/1998 of 13 April on General Terms and Conditions of Business, RDL 1/2007 of 16 November approving the consolidated text of the General Law for Consumers and Users Protection and other complementary laws, Directive 97/7/EC, of 20 May 1997, applicable to contracts between consumer and supplier formulated through the Internet, and in any case, the European Data Protection Regulation, Organic Law 3/2018 on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights and Law 34/2002, of 11 July, Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services and all applicable tourism regulations and, furthermore, the Civil Code and the Commercial Code. In any case, the Spanish version will prevail over the translations. For any matter that arises in relation to the interpretation and application of these, the parties are subject to Spanish law and, insofar as it does not oppose what is established in the applicable regulations, they expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Palma de Mallorca, Spain.


1. IberostarPOINTS: Obtaining points is individual to the Programme Holder and is carried out within the framework of the Web booking system for the indicated Hotels. It shall under no circumstances imply the delivery of any compensation or economic amount by Iberostar in favour of the holder.

IberostarPOINTS are not transferable, redeemable for cash or other goods or services outside those specified on the Web (IberostarGifts) at any time. The system for obtaining and redeeming points is subject to the current conditions established in the booking process.

Iberostar reserves the right to carry out specific promotional actions by virtue of which more points are obtained for certain periods, destinations, hotels, etc.

2. Procedure. All holders with a Hotel booking made via the website are awarded a series of points or IberostarPOINTS with a status to be consolidated. The booking holder may request the exchange of said points for Iberostar Gifts currently available during the booking process or may retain the IberostarPOINTS for the purpose of accumulating and redeeming them in future bookings. In the event that the booking holder is interested in retaining their points to utilise them in future bookings, they must be registered at and identified during the booking process.

2.1. Status of Points or IberostarPOINTS

(A)  Points with ‘to be consolidated’ Status: These points are not earned until the end of the stay for which they were obtained, and will be redeemable at the end of the booking process. At the end date of the stay (check-out), on the same terms as the booking from which they derived, these points will take the ‘to be consolidated’ status.

Cancellation and modification of bookings that have generated points with the ‘to be consolidated’ status will result in the proportional cancellation and modification of said points.

Points with the ‘to be consolidated’ status that were redeemed in advance, with the corresponding IberostarGift having been delivered, which did not achieve consolidated status as a result of a booking modification that generated said points, at check-in or subsequently, must be paid at the rate of 1 IberostarPOINT = 0.50 Euros, by charging the corresponding amount to the credit card used to make the online booking.

(B)   Points with ‘consolidated’ Status: Points already earned and awarded to the customer that can be redeemed without further conditions other than those relating to their procedure.

 2.2. Ways to earn IberostarPOINTS:

2.2.1. Based on bookings made through the Web.

Once logged into My Iberostar, when making a booking at an Iberostar hotel through the website, the holder will earn the IberostarPoints corresponding to their booking with the ‘to be consolidated’ status. Once the holder has used their booking according to the terms and conditions in which it was made, at the time of departure (check-out) from the Hotel, the points will take the ‘consolidated’ status.

Modification or cancellation of the reservation will also result in the modification or cancellation of the points.

Points are awarded to all registered users who make a booking for one of the indicated Hotels through the website. Depending on the Programme level, points are obtained in accordance with the section of the Programme Terms and Conditions entitled “Levels”.

2.2.2. Through different promotional actions carried out by Iberostar. Information related to these actions, and their corresponding points, will be published on the web while they remain active.


2.3. How to redeem your IberostarPOINTS

You can redeem your points earned for each booking before the completion of said booking. However, in the case of redeeming points with ‘to be consolidated’ status, they must take into account the terms and conditions of use as detailed in section 2.2.1.

Once the redeeming of points has been requested or completed you cannot request a refund, nor modify the requested gift.

You will be able to redeem your IberostarPOINTS up to 10 days before you arrive at the hotel. After this period, the points will be stored in your account and you will be able to redeem them in future bookings. Under no circumstances will you be able to redeem them during your stay.


2.4. Checking the status of IberostarPOINTS

Registered users of can check their account status in the “My Iberostar” section of the website. Holders have a period of 2 months from the check-out date from the hotel which awarded the points, to request any unassigned points, provided that the dates of the stay and the booking reference have been communicated.


2.5. Request for points cancellation: If the booking holder, registered at, does not wish to retain the points relating to one or more bookings, they can request their cancellation by sending an email to the following email address: , indicating the dates of the stay and the booking reference code of the stay linked to the allocated points that are to be cancelled.

2.6. Expiry of IberostarPOINTS. IberostarPOINTS and the right to claim them are subject to expiry. The points of those holders who have not registered any movement in their “My Iberostar” account within twelve months will expire. For these purposes, actions carried out by Iberostar by virtue of which points are unilaterally awarded to the holder by Iberostar (for example: birthday and website registration) will not be taken into account. Notwithstanding the foregoing, unused points will expire within 2 years of receipt.  The right to request IberostarPOINTS that have not automatically been credited, will expire within 2 years from the check-out date from the hotel which awarded the points.

3. IberostarGifts

3.1. IberostarGifts. All gifts that are part of the points system will be updated within “My Iberostar” in the “IberostarGifts” section. Notwithstanding this, the available gifts and their points value for each of the hotels will be displayed at the end of the booking process, and may vary from one hotel to another and as well as the gifts listed in the IberostarGifts section.

3.2. Unavailability. In the event that an IberostarGift is not available, Iberostar reserves the right, at its own discretion, to replace it with another similar gift or to not exchange it, maintaining in this case, the points balance in favour of the customer.

Iberostar cannot guarantee availability of items or services, since they are offers made directly by the supplier of said item or service.

3.3. Gift or IberostarGift delivery. IberostarGifts are delivered to the booking holder during the stay for which it was awarded. The provisions for each item or service in the IberostarGifts section of the website shall be observed.

3.4. No returns or exchanges. Once a gift or IberostarGift has been requested, no returns or exchanges of the gift is permitted. In any case, it will result in the loss of the redeemed points, without the right to any compensation in favour of the holder.

3.5. Failure to collect the requested IberostarGift. If the booking holder does not collect an IberostarGift during the stay that resulted in the request of said gift, they will lose all right to claim said gift and the corresponding points.

3.6. Possible variations. Photographs of gifts are to be used as a guideline, they do not indicate their actual size and they may vary in colour or material depending on availability at the time.