No stress, no pressure, no schedules to meet and no obligations. These are dream vacations for everyone, a relaxation period that doesn’t have to be in conflict with keeping fit. All without barely changing the routine.

It’s more like an attitude that can be maintained throughout the day. Because vacations in a hotel with a Fitness Program can also be the best way to recover years and detoxify your body.

Because, if you follow these simple guidance tips hourly, you’ll get healthier nearly without realizing it. And the good thing is that you don't have to stick to the letter and you can alternate them with any other pleasures. Let's start!


09:00 (or when you wake up) Good morning!

Rule number one to start the day: Don’t set your alarm. Getting up naturally is the best way to start the day completely relaxed. The trick is not to close completely blinds or curtains so that this process is accompanied by sunlight. Then try to sit up by turning your body into a seesaw without straining your back and using your legs as a counterweight. And that’s it!


09:30 A Morning Walk

This time of day, when the sun still isn’t so bright, invites a stroll to the seashore. If you go barefoot, feeling the water caress your feet, bit by bit you’ll feel an overall sensation of your body gearing up. For the lazier ones, the advice is much more realistic: try to get over to the breakfast room on foot, avoiding the elevator and, walk up and down the stairs. In fact, conquering the stairs is one of the daily exercises of the Iberostar Fit & Fun program recommend for its simplicity and effectiveness.

a bowl filled with different types of food on a plate

10:00 The breakfast you need

Breakfast has changed a lot in recent decades. This new reality has been welcomed by the best hotels, aware that the most important meal of the day requires quality products. So, you no longer have an excuse not to smartly choose and mix the best fresh foods. Moreover, at various Iberostar hotels, they recommend recipes where you can combine fruit, seeds and other superfoods depending on whether you are more or less athletic, vegetarian, vegan etc. And the best of all is that these mixtures are also very tasty.

11:00 Get to know the environment

Before giving yourself up to sunny mornings, the beach and swimming pool, it is advisable to take a longer walk than the first one to learn more about all the natural wonders surrounding your hotel. In fact, the Iberostar app can inspire you by providing detailed descriptions of each destination. One of the best ways to do so is to take advantage of the excursions organized at Iberostar's cyclotouring hotels, with which you can discover the most remote places in the area. 

a person swimming in a pool of water

13:00 Water Fun

The best entertainment programs for adults include some classes in gymnastics, spinning or zumba fitness in the water. Join up! Not only is it the best incentive to get up off your towel, it’s also a very beneficial exercise because of the low risk of injury, the water resistance and novelty. And from the pool, everything looks much better. However, if for whatever reason you aren’t convinced by the idea, you can still swim in the sea, ride the waves, or do laps in the hotel’s spacious pools.

14:00 Eat balanced meals 

Choose salads and fresh recipes and balance carbohydrate and protein intake. And when in doubt, always choose products from the land, they are a guarantee of health and flavor.

21:00 Bid farewell to the sun

Sunset is an irreplaceable magical moment on any day. Top it off with a specialist guided yoga class on the beach rounding off the pleasure and let the last rays from the astro king balance your body and soul.