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Cycle-tourism is a non-competitive sport that blends the ease and comfortability of bike riding with sightseeing. Bicycles make it possible to access areas that would be inaccessible with other vehicles. This form of leisure is fast, safe, fun, and puts you in direct contact with nature. What better way is there to learn about different places, towns, and cities than to freely ride their streets, roads, and bike routes?

We feature the latest bicycles for your use, including both sport and competition models, and we also organize guided routes and excursions throughout Majorca.  With routes of varying levels of difficulty, everyone can take advantage of this fun activity.

Enjoy your vacation from a different point of view with Iberostar!



This route starts at the center of the island where we can immerse ourselves in its granaries and discover a part of Majorca unlike the coast and not visited by tourists. From there we take a narrow road toward Santa Margalida, Maria de la Salut, and Ariany until we arrive in Petra. There, we take a break and stroll through the town's countless cafés scattered around the charming plaza. From this point we are introduced to the "Chapa Ondulada" route, which takes us toward Son Serra de Marina, a pretty road that, despite its few sea views, will leave a lasting impression on us of this island's immense variety. From Son Serra de Marina we return to Can Picafort and Alcudia.


Our destination on this route is the Campanet caves, some of the most spectacular stalactite caves in Majorca due to them being relatively young(?) and unknown. They are a convenient starting point for this ideal circular route. We start by crossing one of Majorca's most beautiful landscapes, the Parc de S'Albufera. From there we take a narrow road to Sa Pobla where we pass through Buger, a small mountain town, and then onward to Campanet. After visiting the caves, we hit the road again cutting through a picturesque valley toward Pollença, detour to a lovely circular route, and then return heading to Alcudia or Can Picafort.

Cala Sant Vincenç

While not a very long one, this is a beautiful route with many breathtaking views that will impart a unique feeling on Majorca. Cala Sant Vincenç is located directly on the coast halfway between Pollença and Port de Pollença. The whole journey starts here, a rarely traveled path with lovely gardens unlike anywhere else on the island. In Cala Sant Vincenç, cyclists can choose to take a refreshing swim at the beach or enjoy a coffee at a lovely café. After resting, we head back toward Pollença and from there we ride through a striking valley road toward Alcudia and Can Picafort until we reach our hotel.


This is a picturesque and completely flat route without traffic, perfect for families with children and animal lovers. The entire route is contained in S'Albufera Natural Park, known for its large, natural habitat for birds, wild horses, buffaloes and turtles. Later we will head towards an information center, home to a small museum with a scenic lookout for observing different types of rare birds in their natural habitat. Upon finishing the cycling route through the natural park, we can head to one of the magnificent cafés to enjoy a Majorcan specialty. After the break, we return to the hotel.


This route takes us to the island's geographical center. Our itinerary crosses almond groves in Santa Margalida, and from here we take the road toward the small town of Maria de la Salut. After passing through this authentic Mallorcan locale, we take a path toward Sineu, which also allows bikers the chance to visit Majorca's largest and most famous market. Here we can rest for a while before continuing our trek, which guides us to Llubí and Muro and then along the coast to our hotel.


This route guides us through quiet roads to Parc de S'Albufera, one of Majorca's most magnificent natural parks. After crossing the park, we head toward Puig St. Martín, a mountain present throughout most of the journey though it is an easy ride. The route picks up again, and we make a stop at the seafront Cathedral bearing the same name. The ride continues on a path hugging the coastline on which we pass a bullring and the city's ancient walls, nestled in the heart of Alcudia. Here, riders have the opportunity to visit the market or visit the Old City and be captivated by its charming atmosphere. After a short break, we pedal to Puerto de Alcudia and then return to the hotel.

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