A building is much more than its façade. Its differing interior spaces may surprise you, win your heart and even redefine the concept you have of it. So, wherever you go on holiday or on an urban getaway, do not hesitate to step through the doors of monuments and hotels for a dazzling view of their décor and, while there, to take inspiration and ideas for reinventing your home.


Barcelona: from modernism to street art

Barcelona is one of the cities that has been most permeable to the various aesthetic trends of the last 150 years. And it has also been able to generate several styles of its own, distinguished by the Mediterranean light and the creativity of its architects.

a large building with many windows

The most characteristic of them all is modernism, a current born in different European cities under the name of art nouveau in the late nineteenth century, which generated a display of imagination and a return to nature.

This is why floral motifs, curved lines, mythological figures and colored mosaics are the major features from which to take inspiration when visiting buildings like Casa Batlló, Casa Vicens or the Palau de la Música.

Another movement that defines the trendiest Barcelona is on its walls. In these contemporary paintings, artists such as Guate Mao, Joan Fontcuberta or Boa Mistura (in this case, at the Iberostar Selection Paseo de Gracia) make the city vibrate through their art. These works propose a new aesthetic at street level that redefines the urban landscape.     


The legacy of Manrique and aloe vera in the Canaries

The Canary Islands enjoyed a watershed moment with the work of César Manrique. The prolific Lanzarote architect devoted his life to promoting a style that combines to the limits of the imagination the color white, volcanic black stone and native island plants such as cacti or aloe vera.

Olé Olivina Lanzarote

If we wish to take away with us a unique object from this volcanic paradise, you could not do better than to go to Teguise on any Sunday. This town, brimming with history, boasts the most important street market in the Canaries, a meeting place for the best craftsmen and buyers visiting the island.

Multicolored Mediterranean in the Balearics

The flag of this archipelago could perfectly well be white and blue. Even if it is not, these two colors represent better than any other this dialogue between sky and beach, cove and stone, sand and fishing boat. 

This profusion of color, together with the resurgence of a thriving crafts scene in Majorcainspired Dutch designer and art director Marcel Wanders to create his great masterpiece: Iberostar Grand Portals Nous, a hotel that has succeeded in revolutionizing the island with its pure cutting-edge style rooted in tradition. Wanders has left his signature mark on all the hotel spaces: from the rooms to the suites to the common areas such as restaurants, the pool, the spa and the cascade on the façade.

Its interior is in constant dialogue with the exterior thanks to the large windows through which the Mediterranean light floods every corner. The furniture consists of pieces designed by Wanders himself, including icons such as the Bell Lamp and the Egg Base flower vase. His style is defined by highly recognizable natural and geometrical motifs in a variety of colors. They range from the densest blacks to shades of white, as we can see in the sculpture crowning the terrace of Astir restaurant, “The Tree of Life”.  The hotel is an artwork in itself, surprising all guests who wish to enjoy a few days of peace, pleasure and luxury on the shores of the Mediterranean.