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Romantic getaways Travelling as a couple: the adventure of a lifetime

“ I’m not sure where we’re heading, but what I do know is that I want to go there with you”.

Iberostar will surprise you with the best destinations for your next romantic getaway.

You may have been thinking about this for some time. You may have been dwelling on the idea and visualizing it in all possible ways. And, even though you want it with all of your strength, the truth is that you may have been putting it off for some time now due to several circumstances.

But, what if today is the day? What if reading these pages were the trigger to deciding where and how you want your next romantic getaway to be?

Travelling is always a good way to have fun, discovering new places and indulging. But a romantic getaway is synonimous of going on an unforgettable adventure.

Travelling as a couple to the United States or the north of Africa, a romantic getaway to a luxury hotel in Europe, a honeymoon in the Caribbean a hotel stay with a romantic dinner in Majorca or the Canary islands that you will remember forever…

Iberostar wants to suggest a few ideas for you next romantic getaways that will become a wonderful collection of timeless moments.

Have you packed your bags up already? Your adventure is about to begin!


Travelling as a couple on a tour around Europe

This continent is one of the greates museum in the world, with its historic cities and landmark buildings, its monuments and exquisite wineries, its bohemian café and its classic theatres, an ideal continent for your romantic getaways around Europe.

Walking hand in hand by the Danube river with its shiny bridges on a romantic night during a trip to Budapest. Witnessing eternity in Rome from its rooftops after throwing a coin in the Fontana di Trevi. Having dinner under candlelight in a small restaurant in the Alfama neighborhood, near one of the best hotels in Lisbon, while a singer performs a fado. Living in an 18th century palace turned into a hotel in Montenegro, by the Adriatic sea. Following footprints on a beach in Crete in which, according to classic mythology, Zeus was born on. Discovering the marvels of the Gothic quarter in Barcelona and feeling its magic. Walking around the most fashionable night clubs in Madrid and understanding why its rhythm is truly endless... 

Romantic getaways in the Caribbean: you have news from paradise

The Riviera Maya is one of the most romantic places to travel as a couple, and even to celebrate the perfect wedding in the Caribbean. Here, you will discover the heart of the Mayan civilization and the incredible riuns of Tulum, with the Frescoes temple. On its paradise-like beaches, you will feel the refreshing liberty of swimming in its waters and will be able to contemplate the beautiful sunset every afternoon, before going back to your adults-only hotel in Riviera Maya.

A candlelight dinner, feeling the sea breeze on your cheeks, listening to the sound of the waves, toasting with a delicious cocktail specially prepared for you, before dancing at the disco, if you feel like it. Or, directly relax in a spacious and elegant room with a view. Doesn’t it sound great?

Another natural, Caribbean paradise is Cancun, with its dreamy beaches and ecological parks that include the Great Mayan Reef, considered the second biggest coral barrier reef in the world.

Submerging yourself in the magical cenotes near Cancún will become an unforgettable experience. In these natural pools, the Mayas used to have offerings in exchange for the most important

The Dominican Republic is a very special destination for romantic getaways in the Caribbean. In Punta Cana, you will submerge yourself in this wonderful country’s culture and history and cherish the warmth of its people in your heart forever. But, above all, enjoy some of the best beaches in the world, such as Playa Bávaro,  named one of the most beautiful in the planet by UNESCO, the intimate Bayahíbe beach, located next to a charming fishing village, or the endless virgin beaches on isla Saona, among others.

Traveling as a couple to New York and Miami: a different romantic getaway

Visiting the Big Apple is always a reason to feel joyful. For couples, it is a unique opportunity to experience a great amount of authentic plans in New York. What do you think about, for example, enjoying  a picnic in the world-famous Central Park? Or flying over the city’s skyscrapers with a helicopter? Living a New York Yankees baseball match live while eating a hot dog is not a bad plan either. Neither is going to a classic Broadway show. Or an evening at the NYC Ballet. As well as crossing the Brooklyn bridge, walking along 5th Avenue and Times Square and , of course, visiting the Statue of Liberty.

And what to say about the glamourous Miami, with its Art Deco buildings, the ageing flavors of Little Havana and the endless South Beach nights? Discover 10 romantic plans in Miami and relive the time in which Hollywood stars used to travel to this spot to live passionate love stories with its elegant interiors.

Hotels in Tunisia and Morocco: Arabian nights

¿Do you know why you should visit Tunisia at least once in your life? Tunisia is the crown jewel of Africa, heir of the ancient and legendary city of Cartago, which saw the birth of Mediterranean culture more than 3,000 years ago. The magical Medina and its labirinth-like alleys invite those who visit them during a romantic getaway to discover the Great Mosque and its palaces, souks, small shops and craft stalls, which are communicated through narrow alleyways.

Visit some of the many city rooftops right before the sun goes down. And contemplate the sunset over the Medina, a spectacle that will accompany you during the rest of your lives.

Enjoy the classic pinenut tea in one of the small cafés in the old town. And, of course, indulge in the marvelous Tunisian cuisine, one of the tastiets in the world, in which the classic lamb,  chicken or fish stand out.

Discover the magnitude of the El Djem amphitheatre, the third biggest amphitheatre in the world after the ones in Rome and Capua: visit the villages in which many of the Star Wars movies were filmed, or go to authentic Berebere villages such as Toujane, were desert men and women still live in, these are experiences that will unite you even more after your trip.

The light that shines over the ocre streets, the whitewashed houses, the mosques and markets are the main traits of the always enigmatic and fascinating Morocco.

In this place, the people’s traditions and mysticism live together with natural landscapes – mountains, desert and beaches- of captivating beauty.

Hotels in Majorca and the Canary Islands that you will not want to leave

Did you know that romantic getaways for newlyweds to Majorca were already a thing in the 50s? At that time, this island in the center of the Mediterranean was already considered Paradise. And it still is nowadays.

Majorca is a wonder no matter how you look at it, with its more than 200 beaches with transparent waters, its natural parks declared Bioshpere Reserve, its villages in the Serra de Tramuntana with small, stone houses and chimneys and Majorcan traditional recipes. To this we should add an unbeatable past time:  

top restaurants in front of the sea, several of them with Michelin stars, classic tapas bars and small, charming cafés, craft markets dotted across the island, exclusive couture boutiques, beach clubs where you can relax during the whole day, discos and party halls in which the night can last until dawn…