There is no couple like you two. All that remains for you to do is celebrate this wonderful reality with a wedding on the beach like the one you deserve. That is why the Caribbean is your destination. Its weather, its lush landscape, its sunsets and its hotels in Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica are a safe bet.

However, the wide range of magical places in this sea sometimes makes it difficult to choose which beach, which hotel and which sunset is the most suitable to celebrate the wedding. Iberostar has many hotels for weddings in the Caribbean but, as the offer is so wide, the decision will not be easy. That is why we will help you with these simple questions.

1. What was your first getaway together?

a) To a concert or a music festival

b) To a city to enjoy its landmarks and heritage

c) To a restaurant where you ate VERY well

d) To a place where you enjoyed a lush landscape

2. What is never missing from your bags?

a) A camera to capture the best moments

b) An old-school travel guide so you don’t miss a thing

c) A list of essential foodie locations at your destination

d) Sneakers or boots to get into the forest

3. What is your preferred type of souvenir?

a) A vintage object typical of the place you have visited

b) The souvenir of a museum or landmark

c) A delicatessen product from your destination

d) A handicraft carved by a local artist

4. What type of photographs do you take on holiday?

a) The place doesn't matter, but the filter you use to edit it does

b) In front of the destination’s most outstanding landmark

c) In the room's jacuzzi or in the trendy restaurant

d) Taking part in an excursion or practicing an adventure sport

5. When you are at the beach, what is your perfect plan?

a) Alternating between spending hours in the hammock and playing matches and games with the local people

b) Always setting a day aside to visit the most beautiful spots in the area

c) Enjoying the sea from a restaurant with good quality cuisine

d) On a surfboard

6. If your relationship had a soundtrack, what type of group or singer would play it?

a) A large Latin jazz orchestra

b) A string quartet

c) A Michael Bublé style crooner

d) A folk band

7. What gift would you like to give to your guests?

a) An old toy typical of the place where you get married

b) A Moleskine-style book to record their memories of the wedding

c) A typical spice from the country you are in

d) A seed of some indigenous plant



Mostly a) You like the charm of the past and the luxuries of the future. To travel to lively places where the most valued charm is always the people and their joy. That is why Varadero is your perfect destination, given the modernity of the Iberostar Selection Varadero and Iberostar Selection Bella Vista Varadero hotels for saying “I do” before giving in to the son cubano, the friendly nature of the island and its vintage charm.

Mostly b) You are city dwellers and culture lovers. You love any beach that has a good landmark nearby. That is why Paradise Beach in Riviera Maya is your ideal altar, because you can enjoy the privacy and peace of mind of Mexico’s best beaches and the closeness of the jewels of Mayan civilization with places like Tulum, Chichen Itzá or Coba.

Mostly c) You know the good life always begins with good food. So a destination like Bávaro Beach (Punta Cana) is perfect for you, as the Dominican Republic is a destination that is experiencing a stunning gastronomic boom and where exotic flavors combine with dreamy beaches and landscapes.

Mostly d) Your thing is nature, adrenaline and the pleasure of a good spa session after an excursion. That is why Montego Bay is the ideal place to share your love with the people who love you the most, since not only are there paradisaical Caribbean beaches nearby, but also mountains, waterfalls and rivers for your first expedition.