We care about everything to take care of you

Leading the responsible tourism

Iberostar continues to work in hygienic, security and health actions for its different destinations and with its compromise to take care of the client, collaborator, supplier, commercial partner and also the environment.

For over 60 years we have being operating with the highest standards, and now in times of COVID we enrich and strengthen our procedures and protocols. This new way of colective care is present in all the activities, spaces and hotel protocols, getting a personalized experience and consolidating our leadership in responsible tourism.

And we do this a unique way, we have a Medical advisory board who, in cooperation with our sustainability office, will bring experience and specialized knowledge to face the new tourism challenges in regards with sanitary security. The experts who form the new team are Sebastian Crespi Rotger, founder and CEO of teh Biolinea Internacional consulting, and Dr Javier Pérez Fernández, especialist in intensive care and Medical Director in the best hospitals in Miami (USA). Following their reccomendations and the ones from the public authorities and sanitary institutions, we will develop measures to safeguard our employees and guarantee the client's experience, implementing new procedures in the restaurants, or during check-in, among others.

The goal is to make our customers feel more safe than ever, to help them leave their matters aside and make them feel as good as always. 

The four pillars

HOW WE CARE principles

  • Safe environment

    Making your travels safer

  • Standards of hygiene

    Complete disinfection, greater peace of mind

  • Social distancing

    Stay apart, remain united

  • Smartest innovation

    Leading innovative luxury

Lines of action

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Safe environment

We convert our hotels into authentic oasis of security, caring about every detail so you just have to dedicate yourself to enjoy your holidays:

Certificates: Cristal International Standards, SGS, local certificates and "Earth Checl" matching our sustainability policy.

• Faithful compliance of the WHO recomendations and local laws.​

• Safe access with sanitary controls to suppliers and employees.

• 24/7 centralized medical service with ambulance available and security/isolation rooms enabled in the hotel itself.

Control of all goods and products that arrive at hotels, favoring local and sustainable provenance.

Food of known origin, local and sustainable, with the unique focus of our Honest Food philosophy and with the assurance of controlled traceability.

Specialized personnel, trained and equipped with hygiene and protection measures.

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Standards of hygiene

We reinforce and demonstrate our preparation in terms of cleaning, hygiene and disinfection, keeping all the spaces of the hotel free of worry.

Advice from virology experts to adapt our protocols to the new situation, increasing the frequency of disinfection of all spaces (before and multiple times a day) and establishing an always-on cleaning process.

• New cleaning measures and protocols with certified and sustainable products and natural-based systems that ensure maximum efficiency without harming the environment.

• Most frequent disinfection of common areas.

We reinvent the buffet for the safety of our customers: single touch in the stalls, deep hygiene between meals, etc.

• The best cleaning equipment (from certified suppliers) and the best equipment for employees and customers.

Clean and sanitized room for each new guest, with specific protocol for cleaning textiles in laundry facilities and access to the room only when the client is gone.

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Social distancing

We enhance the use of open and outdoor spaces, including it as a safety measure, but also as a real luxury that we will enjoy these holidays

We open ourselves to the outside to favor space. Natural spaces will be our allies, to bring us closer to nature.

Marked circulation to avoid queues.

We will reduce tables in a la carte restaurants (reservation required), we increase spaces in our buffets by taking advantage of outdoor areas and create new outdoor dining experiences.

Eco-2-Go Star Café without self-service and with compostable or reusable packaging.

Room service to enjoy the best of our gastronomy in a more intimate environment.

More space between sunbeds to relax safely.

Entertainment. Experiences, workshops, activities and live music shows outdoors (or indoors with capacity limit).

Family activities in smaller groups and with prior reservation.

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Smartest innovation

We promote innovation at the service of information and communication, to be as close as ever without contact.

Digital pre-check-in and online check out: safer and more recommended, but also more agile and comfortable.

• We reinforce our paperless philosophy: the use of paper decreases in restaurants and rooms, with information available in digital media: App, Totems, QRCode

We reinforce our App to access all our services in just one click: book a table for dinner, check the menu, search for leisure activities...

24h E-Concierge. Discover with one click everything we can do for you

Star Camp: through the figure of the "medic superhero", we will explain to children how they have to interact and play together, with adapted procedures to the new situation, games with safe distance, etc.