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Wave of Change: our commitment to the oceans

Wave of Change is Iberostar’s innovative campaign that aims to eliminate plastic, promote responsible fish consumption, and improve coastal health.

  • A responsible approach to fish consumption

  • Promoting coastal health

  • Reducing the use of plastic

  • Coral nurseries in Punta Cana

    At Selection Playa Bávaro, Iberostar has created the first coral laboratory which will be used to study the resilience of these colonial animals in the face of climate change. The project has 3 main objectives.

    • The first is to maintain local coral diversity, which will help us to protect coral from bleaching, disease and hurricanes.
    • The second objective is to create a state-of-the-art facility where we can host international researchers and simulate future oceanic conditions in a controlled environment.
    • The third objective is to be able to share the beauty of coral reefs with the world. And that’s because our facility enables our guests, staff and the wider community to understand the importance of the coral reefs at their holiday destinations.
  • Observing lobster season

    Promoting responsible fish consumption is one of the 3 paths of action that make up Iberostar’s “Wave of Change” campaign. We’re taking this action in the hopes of establishing a model based on gastronomic excellence while promoting coastal health and supporting local fisheries.

    That’s why we’re observing the Dominican Republic’s lobster fishing season. Outside of lobster season (from March 1 to June 30), you won’t find it on the menus at the Iberostar hotels. Instead, we’ll be offering other products to help ensure the future of lobster species and uphold the quality and variety that our restaurants are known for.

    Observing lobster fishing restrictions is crucial to local communities, as it guarantees that they’ll have enough lobster to eat, sell, and preserve the following season.