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Local events and festivals in Malaga

Local festivals in Málaga exude the lively spirit that characterises Andalusian people, who are ready to party with a smile on the face at all times. Processions, parties on the beach, food fairs… The calendar in Málaga is marked with a diversity of events you can enjoy during your Costa del Sol holiday.

Major events in Málaga

  • Easter in Málaga: Colour, emotions, lights and shade. Easter in Málaga is a big show in the streets, which become the stage for religious devotion in most towns in the province. Magical processions, sculpted images of saints and religious fervour… Málaga lives these days in its own, unique fashion.
  • Seize of Gaucín: A small town in Serranía de Ronda, Gaucín commemorates the seize by the French in 1810 and the rebellion against the invaders. The streets get dressed and the local people wear period clothes to recreate this historical event in the open air.
  • Saint John’s Feast in Málaga: The shortest night of the year, on 23 June, the coastal towns of Marbella, Fuengirola and Torrox light bonfires on the beach to commemorate Saint John. Children, adolescents and adults gather on the beach of Málaga around bonfires where the Júas (huge rag dolls) are burnt to keep evil spirits away.
  • Feast of El Carmen: In a province with such a long coastline like Málaga, the Feast of El Carmen, the province’s Patroness, is a must. All coastal towns pay tribute to the Virgin on 16 July carrying Her image on procession by land and sea.
  • Los Boliches fair: The fair is held in Fuengirola, on Los Boliches beach, on the feast of El Carmen, in mid-July. It lasts many days and they do all kinds of activities. Special mention should be made of the procession of the Virgin in the Mediterranean Sea and fireworks filling the sky over the sea.
  • Málaga Fair: This well-known fair attracts huge crowds; as many as 6 million people visited the latest edition. It is held in August and have genuine Andalusian character, with women in dresses adorned with ruffles, colourful garlands hanging from the balconies and squares with stands and flamenco music.
  • Cohetá in Tolox: This village on Sierra de las Nieves, close to the mouth of the Río Verde, honours its Patron, Saint Roch, on 16 August every year. A beautiful feast consisting of a procession across town and a big firework display symbolising promises made.
  • Rondeles feast: Held on 12 December in Casarabonela, in the Guadalhorce Valley, in the heart of Sierra de las Nieves, Rondeles has been staged since the eighteenth century in honour of the Virgin of Los Rondeles. Fire is the star on this special day.
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