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Discover the best hotel in Berkane

Allow yourself be seduced by Berkane, one of the greatest surprises on offer in Morocco. Located in the northeast of the country, on the shores of the Mediterranean, 22 km from Ahfir (on the border with Algeria), 60 km from Oujda and 80 km from Nador, this city is known for its long sandy beaches and beautiful architecture, with picturesque buildings with blue facades. To help you to enjoy everything that this magical enclave has to offer, there is nothing better than the 5-star luxury hotel Iberostar Saïdia, one of the best hotels in Morocco.

The strategic location of Berkane, in the heart of a prosperous agricultural area, has long attracted immigrants from the Moroccan west and the Sahara. This town is known as the citrus capital due to its high production of oranges and lemons, which compete in popularity with the wines produced at local vineyards. This means Berkane is an excellent choice for lovers of wine tourism as well as those looking for Moroccan beach holidays.

Berkane, whose name derives from the local saint Sidi Ahmed Aberkane (Aberkane means 'black' in the Berber language), was founded in the 20th century on the ruins of an ancient village. However, despite being a relatively new city, there is plenty here to fall in love with - Starting with the pleasant Mediterranean climate, with average annual temperatures of between 18 °C and 21 °C.

Below we have prepared a summary of the places that make Berkane an ideal option for your next holiday in Morocco.

  • Country: Morocco
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Moroccan dirham
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V

What to see in Berkane

If you love to admire the typical architecture of the places you visit, Berkane will certainly bring you closer to the most authentic essence of Morocco. While wandering its streets you will stumble across charming adobe houses, low ceilings and captivating rectangular floor plans.

As for the main monuments of Berkane, its beautiful 13th century mosque which is currently the oldest building in the medina is worth mentioning. Another religious building of interest is the local Catholic Church built by French settlers in 1912 and consecrated to Saint Inés, as well as the several curious paintings to be found inside.

Take a moment to contemplate the Palace of Dar Sebti. Founded in 1938, it houses a centre for studies of Andalusian music, while hosting exhibitions and other cultural events.

Nor should you miss Berkane's lively markets where traders from all corners of Morocco, meet to offer a host of handicrafts and fresh fruit.

Three other tourist attractions nearby are the Hiking Routes, the Zegzel Gorge - an imposing 14 km long valley studded with fruit trees - and the Camel Cave, located in the Beni-Snassen Mountains, southwest of the city. This cave owes its name to the capricious shape of one of its stalactites and is often frequented by caving enthusiasts.

However, if you are a fan of traditional music, then you are in the right place, since Berkane is the capital of Reggada Music. Famous in both the Oriental region of eastern Morocco and in Europe, the biggest quarry of artists of this genre can be found here. Of Berber origin, it is a war dance used in the past to celebrate victories over enemies. At performances, shotguns or canes are used, with lots of shoulder moves and stamping on the ground to the rhythm of the music, which symbolizes belonging to the earth. La Reggada owes its name to the village of the same name, barely 9 km from Berkane.

If you like to visit festivals in Berkane, the Mechoui International Festival, whose star dish is freshly grilled lamb, and the Festival of Popular Arts of the eastern region, dedicated to eastern music and dances are worth mentioning.

Finally, foodies will find Berkane stuffed full of bars and restaurants perfect to try the delicious Moroccan food. Among the typical dishes that you can't miss, are the tajines made of beef, chicken or vegetables, an exquisite soup called harira, the Berber omelette (with tomato sauce) and of course, couscous, the national dish of Morocco par excellence.

Book your hotel in Berkane

At Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, we want to help you get the most out of your time in Berkane. For this reason, we welcome you to the Iberostar Saïdia, a luxury spa hotel, on the seafront and with activities for children and teenagers.

During your stay, you can relax beside the outdoor swimming pool, or taking a nap on its extensive 14 km-long, beach. Its modern facilities and excellent leisure and gastronomy services make this luxury hotel accommodation perfect for an unforgettable holiday in Berkane.

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However, if you are travelling to the Alawite Kingdom for professional reasons, this hotel offers you everything you need for a business trip in Morocco. The hotel has a choice of meeting rooms, where you can organize conferences, talks, team building and all kinds of corporate events. Get in touch with the Iberostar team, who will take care of organizing all the details.

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