As a travel lifestyle coach and a passionate traveler, I love to support, motivate and coach people in different ways to encourage them to travel more and to fully explore everything that traveling can do for us. Going on holidays, seeing amazing places, meeting new people and having amazing experiences are all benefits of travel, but it can also have major transformational effects on our lives and our relationships. Most times these changes happen very subtly or even subconsciously because we are so busy enjoying ourselves and being happy that we don't even notice the major shifts in mindset and soul that are happening inside of us. These changes can start to improve our lives and shape who we are going to become and can encourage us to impact other people’s lives positively as well.

With hotels all over the world in exciting locations such as Barcelona, Havana, Cancún or Marrakesh, Iberostar’s hotels and resorts offer you comfort, wellbeing and luxury, making them a perfect choice to begin transforming your life through travel, no matter where you are traveling. Whether you prefer to heal your body and mind through sports, lounging by the pool or having a spa day, Iberostar has got you covered.

Here are a few ways that travel can transform your life and your well-being:


Good health is something we can never be too grateful for. Having a healthy body and mind is crucial for overall happiness and productivity. People who go on holiday twice a year or more are at a significantly lower risk of heart disease than those who only travel every several years, according to a study by the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, in partnership with the U.S. Travel Association. Traveling has also been shown to improve mental health in general, boosting creativity, lowering stress levels and contributing to all round happiness and relationships. Keeping active while on holiday is an even better way to stay healthy and Iberostar makes it easy with its Fit & Fun program. With a variety of indoor and outdoor activities such as kickboxing, Zumba, Aquafit and Pilates, there is truly something for everyone.



Traveling allows us to reconnect strained relationships by taking time away with each other, exploring, having new experiences, meeting new people and having fun. This is exactly what you need to bring you closer to the people you love and improve your life entirely. You get into the routine of working effectively during the week because you know on the weekends you have something to look forward to. You can be assured that your work will benefit from your travels because you get to switch off and recover, then go back to being more focused, sharper and more productive. To that end, Iberostar’s Star Meeting business hotels allow you to work in state-of-the-art facilities during the day while unwinding in comfort in the evenings, whether by the pool, on the terrace or in the garden.


Are you overcome by excessive fears that are holding you back from making changes that can improve your life and relationships? Then traveling is just the thing for you, as it provides multiple opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and experience things you never thought possible. Travel challenges you to either step out or step back in, but it is most likely that you will push yourself to enjoy new things because you will be having so much fun you won't even realize that's what you're doing. 

One way to challenge yourself to explore the world in different ways is cycle tourism. With Iberostar, you can discover the beauty of the Majorcan landscape with their bike rental service and enjoy one of their guided tours. You don’t even have to worry about apparel and accessories: you can rent it all there!

The amazing people with wildly interesting stories with different lifestyles and from different cultures you will meet along the way will inspire you to overcome some of the fears you are experiencing in other aspects of your life.



Life throws us curve balls. We all experience ups and downs and our path is never straight: we just have to accept it, deal with it and move on. Traveling makes this process so much easier because we get so much out of this one activity: we experience new things, meet new people, see amazing sights and without us knowing it, we move forward. Our opinions may change and our outlook on life can shift as well. Travel is an amazing tool to use to heal after hardship; to get out of our own mind and our own world. When we see things we never knew existed we become grateful for our own lives and can come to see things in a more positive light. Going to a spa is a fantastic way of connecting with your mind while treating your body. Let yourself be pampered by Iberostar’s Spa Sensations therapists with a massage, a scrub or a wrap. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your hotel.



Traveling has changed my life. At one point, the passion, joy and overwhelmingly intense feelings I experienced through traveling made me want to experience these feelings every single day without actually traveling. It came to a point where I became unhappy in my full-time job. I couldn't wait for Friday to arrive and I dreaded Sundays, because they reminded me that I had to go to work the next day. It wasn't because my job was horrible—in fact, I was very fortunate, as it was the least stressful job possible—but because I realized that it wouldn’t allow me to travel as much as I wanted, which was every month if possible.