Going on holiday doesn’t always have to mean kicking back and passing the days in languid splendor. While a little downtime is absolutely necessary now and then, carving out some time for exercise, sports, and activities can enhance your entire getaway and make it even more enjoyable. Although keeping up a healthy lifestyle while traveling might seem a bit challenging at first, there’s a surprisingly long list of ways to stay active in all-inclusive hotels, on beaches, and even in airports when you know where to look. If you need a few ideas to help you take charge of your wellness and make physical activity a priority while on holiday, here are a few proven tips for incorporating exercises and sports into your next vacation.


One of the best ways to ensure that you stay active during your trip is to plan for it from the very beginning. Maintaining your fitness routine on vacation starts with establishing the right mindset as you begin to plan where to stay and even what to pack in your suitcase. Anticipating an exciting holiday full of exercises, sports, and fun physical activities is the very first step in succeeding with your goal of making it happen.

When choosing your accommodations, look for hotels with specific facilities that will make it easy and convenient for you to get a good workout at any time of day. This often includes amenities like a fitness room, tennis courts, pools, and facilities for cyclists, just to name a few. Spa Hotels can also be a great way to prioritize wellness and relaxation while combating stress on holiday. With so many places to work out or de-stress within just a few minutes’ walk from your door, you’ll feel even more motivated to take advantage of the conveniences offered and keep up with healthy routines.

When it comes to packing your suitcase, prepare to stay active by reserving enough space for all the clothing or gear you might need for fitness activities. Pack comfortable shoes and clothing for running, walking, cycling, swimming, or any other exercises or sports you might want to do on holiday.

Pack a yoga mat for a peaceful session on the beach, in the mountains, or even your own hotel room. If you prefer to swim laps in the pool, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit and goggles, while items like frisbees and volleyballs are excellent choices for a beach vacation. Whichever activities you prefer, a suitcase full of active wear is a foolproof strategy to ensure a physically active holiday right from the start.



Getting to your destination might not be the most exciting part of your holiday, but there are several methods you can use to make the most of all that time spent waiting for your flight’s departure. Airports are often associated with waiting and finding ways to make the time pass more quickly, but why not change the common perspective and use the space as your own personal gym? Make the most of your layover by using all that extra time to get a bit of exercise. A growing trend towards airport fitness has led some airports around the world to open their very own yoga rooms and gyms, so if you’re lucky enough to have a layover in one of these, staying active during a layover will be easy.

Although airport fitness facilities offer a convenient solution, they’re by no means necessary for exercising at the airport. To take advantage of a long layover or flight delay, it’s easy to stay active by speed walking or even jogging from terminal to terminal. For more cardio work, find some stairs and do a climbing set. A quiet corner of the airport can be the perfect spot for exercises like squats, pushups, lunges, chair dips, or stretching, which can help to relieve muscle tension before or after the long hours cramped in those tiny airplane seats. You can even bring a yoga mat in your carry-on luggage and do a whole yoga session to relax your body and mind while waiting for departure. When you think creatively, the possibilities for physical activity at the airport are endless.

Find the Best Activities for Your Destination

While carving out time for physical activity on holiday is a great way to keep up your healthy lifestyle, considering ways to combine your destination with your fitness routine can make your holidays even more memorable.

As adventure, sports, and wellness tourism have continued to grow rapidly in recent years, the importance of wellness has merged with the travel industry to offer new and exhilarating experiences for travelers all over the globe. Whether you prefer a calming yoga retreat, a surfing holiday in paradise, or a kayaking adventure, there’s an active holiday out there for every kind of traveler and every kind of destination.

What better way to calm your mind and body than a yoga holiday on the shores of Mallorca? The natural beauty and healing energy of the island create the perfect setting for disconnecting from it all. The white-sand beaches and brilliant turquoise water make for an exceptional yoga session as you let your mind drift away from your daily routines.

For adventurous travelers, the beaches of Mexico make for a top-notch surfing destination. The stunning Yucatan Peninsula is the ideal spot for both beginners and long-time surfing addicts.

For the cycling fanatics, the rugged landscape of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is a dream destination. The diverse terrain of the island, along with well-maintained roads, makes it a favorite among cyclists of all experience levels. With both challenging routes through the mountains and flat roads along the shorelines, you can take any type of ride you prefer on Lanzarote.

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