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Iberostar Tennis Holidays

Discover the tennis and paddle tennis experience that will improve your game in Majorca and Cádiz, Spain. An experience for visitors of all ages!

Iberostar Novo Sancti Petri Tennis Club – Match Point

  • With Iberostar you have the chance of trying your hand at two of the world’s most popular sports. The Tennis and Paddle Tennis Holidays with Iberostar offer everything you can think of to play tennis and paddle tennis – and become a real champion!

    The destinations are Majorca and Cádiz in Spain. Two idyllic holiday settings where you can have fun as you get fit playing your favourite sport in a very special way.

    The Iberostar Selection Andalucía Playa and Iberostar Royal Andalus hotels in Cádiz, Andalusia, and the Iberostar Club Cala Barca and Iberostar Cristina in Majorca feature professional tennis and paddle tennis courts. Besides, they offer training programmes designed by pros for players of all ages and levels.

  • Our tennis academy features 11 tennis and 6 paddle tennis courts. You can train with our team of qualified instructors, who are ready to teach adults, children and groups in a variety of levels (beginners, advanced, pro) and languages. We also organise open tournaments. Additionally, the hotel includes the Match Point Terrace Bar, where you can have delicious tapas and drinks.



    · BEGINNERS: Basic forehand, backhand, volley, serve and smash techniques. Game tactics.

    · ADVANCED 1: Skill, rhythm and drive improvement techniques. Special topics on request.

    · ADVANCED 2: Deepening of ADVANCED 1. Drive improvement techniques. Focusing on game tactics, training and matches.

    · FIVE-DAY TENNIS CAMPUS: An immersion programme for all kinds of players, focusing on individual skill and game analysis. Customised plans to reach individual players’ goals.

    · INDIVIDUAL LESSONS: Customised plans for each learner.



    · 45MIN INDIVIDUAL LESSONS: Fun and effective lessons to bring children into contact with this sport.

    · 60MIN INDIVIDUAL LESSONS: Lessons for older, more experienced children.




    Check fees at the hotel.