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Events in Yaiza

The calendar of events and popular fiestas in Yaiza is full of plans to enjoy with your family and get to know the local culture. Dance, beach parties, processions, cookouts, etc. all the year round, particularly during the summer.

Major events in Yaiza

  • February – Carnival in Yaiza: The big carnival venue of Yaiza is famous throughout the island of Lanzarote. With music, entertainment, dances and, of course, original costumes and floats, the local carnival celebrations get the streets of Playa Blanca wrapped in a cloak of joy every February. The parade departs from Playa Flamingo and takes Papagayo Avenue to end in the town square.
  • May – Feast of Saint Isidore: On this day, Uga holds its lovely local fiestas, which, together with the warmth of the local people, attract locals and out-of-towners.
  • 16 JulyFeast of El Carmen: The feast of El Carmen is the big fiesta of Playa Blanca. It goes on for many days but the main feast is held on 16 July, when boats populated by flowers go on procession along the southern coast of Lanzarote.
  • Late July –Playa Quemada Festival: This celebration is very young, as it was established a decade ago by the inhabitants of this beautiful beach. With more and more visitors every year, the festival is held on the beach. Fish and wines produced in Lanzarote are served in the open air.
  • August – Our Lady of La Caridad Feast in Geria: Held in mid-August, the festival is a traditional one in Lanzarote. Besides the cookout and party, there is a peculiar activity, the grape harvest with camels in the main grape-growing village in the island.
  • September – Song Festival in Yaiza: The Song Festival is part of the programme of the Patroness feast in honour of the Virgin of Remedy. The festival lasts for many days, the main one being the 8th of September. There are sporting activities, and a water-themed party puts an end to the festival.
  • Early October – Fiesta of La Degollada: The celebrations take place in the first weeks of October. They stand out for being the fiesta that does everything to preserve and disseminate the traditions and culture of this area in the southern part of Lanzarote. There is poetry, art, music and traditional dance... A lovely festival, indeed.
  • Late October – La Pardela: The first Fiesta of La Pardela ever was held in the 90s in the picturesque village of El Golfo, which on these days attracts many locals and out-of-towners. Outstanding activities are always linked to the sea: crab races, fishing competitions, and a fish cookout at which traditional music provides entertainment.
  • Country: Spain
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Euro
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V

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