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Events in Sousse

Taking part in the popular festivals and events in Sousse can be a good way of having fun while getting to know the culture of this university town where there is always an event to attend. Like in many other towns nearby, the main events in Sousse take place in the summer, when there is a large population of visitors.

Main events in Sousse

  • 14 February – Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day celebrations take place in Sousse too. In this beautiful town in Tunisia, there are parties in the centre of town and in shopping districts as well: themed parties in bars and restaurants, discounts for couples and a big bike parade: Vélove Parade.
  • March/April – Furniture Fair: The International Fair Centre in Sousse holds an important trade show for the furniture and home decoration industries. Contemporary trends, classical and handcrafted items from Tunisian craftsmen can be seen in this show.
  • 9 April – Martyrs’ Day: Although Martyrs’ Day is a national holiday, in Sousse celebrations are really special, being as it is the third most important city in the country. Tunisia pays tribute to the people dead in the riots that took place in 1938, which eventually led to the nation’s independence.
  • 1 May – Workers’ Day: On 1 May, there are a host of events in Sousse to commemorate International Workers’ Day, the importance of labour and workers’ rights.
  • June – Summer Festival: The nightclubs in Port El Kantaoui and the centre of Sousse welcome the summer with internationally renowned DJs and themed parties that end at dawn.
  • August – Arts Street Battle: Organised by the University of Sousse in Port El Kantaoui, this urban art event gathers youngsters from all regions in Tunisia who love graffiti, rap music, street dance and urban sports.
  • December – AIDS LifeCycle Day: The Tunisian HIV/AIDS Association organises every year a bicycle tour to raise awareness on this condition. Children and grown-ups ride through the centre of town and, when the tour ends, they release red balloons into the sky across the medina.
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Tunisian dinar
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V

Hotels in Sousse

Applicable for a journey from November 17 to February 15
Iberostar Diar El Andalous
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