• CountryMontenegro
  • Capital cityPodgorica
  • Time zone
  • Language(s) spokenMontenegrin
  • ChangeEuro
  • Electricity/AC voltage220 V

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Gastronomy in Montenegro

Montenegrin culinary specialties

  • Montenegrin cuisine is based on vegetables, meat, and fish as well as classic Mediterranean staples like olive oil. Because of its geographic situation, Eastern Europe also has a profound influence on the cooking style.
  • Meat plays a fundamental role in the Montenegrin diet, especially in the north, where a lot of wild fruit, aromatic herbs, and wild mushrooms are used. Meat is prepared according to the traditional ispod method, in which it is cooked under coals.
  • Fish dominates in the central and southern regions. Smoked carp and trout are some of the most flavorful specialties as is Skadar crab.
  • Iconic Montenegrin dishes include: boiled lamb; kajmak, a creamy cheese made by boiling salted milk; skakavica, marinated fish with white cabbage, olive oil, and lemon juice; domaca kobasica na zuru, homemade smoked sausage; projanica, cake prepared with fresh cheese, eggs, and flour; kebab, and much more.
  • Typical drinks of the region are wines such as the light-bodied red from Vranac, refined Merlot, and Krstac white; rakija, a home-distilled brandy made with white grapes; Niksic beer; and an extensive selection of cherry liquors.

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  • IBEROSTAR Bellevue Hotel


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