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In Hammamet there are activities you can engage in to discover the Tunisian culture, history, arts and people. This Mediterranean coast of Africa has landmarks and ruins, deeply rooted beliefs and beautiful landscapes. The medina in Hammamet, the Old Town in Nabeul, the Great Mosque, the Yasmine district, the lake in Sebkha Sidi Khalifa or George Sebastian’s villa… In Hammamet, there are a thousand and one places to get lost.

What to do and what to see in Hammamet

  • The walled medina in Hammamet: Erected in the fifteenth century, the medina is one of the town’s gems. Surrounded by walls next to the seashore, the medina is crisscrossed by winding, narrow lanes full of charm and oozing the authentic local lifestyle.
  • Spanish fort: Built in 893 by the Spaniards, the fort skirts the souk of Hammamet close to the sea, with a wall that has come down to us virtually intact from the Middle Ages. Browsing the market visitors will find whatever they can think of.
  • Museum of the Medina: The museum is inside the medina itself and contains objects that take museum-goers back in time to find out about Hammamet’s early days, the cruel pillage by the Knights of Malta or the Nazi occupation in World War II.
  • George Sebastian’s Villa: Romanian millionaire George Sebastian fell in love with Hammamet and decided to build this villa in the 1920s in the traditional Tunisian style and surrounded by beautiful Arab gardens. Many architects consider the villa to be one of the most wonderful houses in the whole world. It has baths and an amphitheatre. Currently it is an important cultural centre.
  • The Great Mosque: The mosque is one of the symbols of Hammamet, the centre of religious life in town and started to be built in the twelfth century. It is a simple, huge, building, with impeccable white walls. It stands in the heart of Hammamet and a smaller replica was built in the Yasmine district.
  • Friguia Park: Friguia is a perfect amusing park for kids. It has fun rides, a zoo with a host of African animal species like hippopotamuses, giraffes, lions, etc.
  • Carthage Land: In this theme park, visitors will learn about the history of Tunisia to this day. It was designed with art lovers in mind and families with kids, who will not only learn but also have fun in the park’s multiple attractions.
  • Dar Hammamet Museum: It exhibits one of the largest collections of traditional costumes from Tunisia. The wedding dresses are amazing but museum-goers will find also handicraft tools and common equipment from different periods. A tour of the museum will show visitors the soul of the Tunisian people.
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Tunisian dinar
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V