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Berkane offers experiences marked by the natural, rural character of this Moroccan province blessed by the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can gaze at the sun going down while you walk along La Corniche in Saïdia, climb the impressive Béni-Snassen mountains or get into the busy souk… There are a thousand amazing things to do in Berkane, a great place for an unforgettable holiday.

Experiences in Berkane: What to do

  • Shopping in Saïdia Souk: The legendary resort of Berkane has one of the best traditional markets or souks in northeast Morocco. Discover what you can buy here: Moroccan arts and crafts, jewellery, spices, fresh fruit from neighbouring orchards, curious objects, carpets, gifts and more. Open on Sunday, between the Kasbah and the market.
  • Having breakfast in the medina: The seaside medina in Saïdia has nice cafes and terrace bars for breakfast. You can visit the medina’s squares or choose a people-watching bar: a genuinely Moroccan morning for a nice early experience in Saïdia.
  • Discovering the baths in Oujda: A tour to the capital, Oujda, will get you to the baths and their healing waters. In the city there are Bekanchour and the oasis of Sidi Yahya, and to the north is Fezouane, whose waters are said to heal liver and kidney conditions.
  • Trying Berkane’s kefta tagine: Kefta tagine is a Berber dish from this Moroccan region. Kefta is a meatball with onion, cumin, paprika and parsley, served with a tomato tagine sauce. There are dozens of typical taverns in the streets of Berkane where you can taste this and other typical foods.
  • Climbing the Béni-Snassen mountains: An extension of the Rif range, these mountains contrast with the surrounding desert landscape, as the slopes are covered with leafy vegetation. A hike along the mountain trails will take you amidst oaks and vines. There is a nice route that departs from Taforalt toward the mountains and ends in Berkane.
  • Listening to Gharnati music: In the capital of the province of Berkane, Oujda, you can listen to Gharnati music. The best shows in Morocco are run at the Centre of Music, in the centre of town.
  • Country: Morocco
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Moroccan dirham
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V