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"We hope that our work of art fill you with life”

Iberostar prides itself in creating resorts that have received specialized attention to detail. Each resort is reflective of not only the company's culture but also respects and honors the country in which it resides. For that we can thank artist, Jose Deudero who has helped fulfill our purpose in the Iberostar properties of Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Brazil.

Each Iberostar resort has it’s own unique personality that is illustrated by exclusive artworks inspired  from museums, books, locals, and the landscape of the country. Each piece fulfills a purpose and has it’s own fascinating story that has been molded by the culture, history, and legends of the country. Most of the designs are even created with locally sourced materials and with help from resident artists, sculptors and carpenters.

For Iberostar it is very important to know that we leave an impression on each visitor and help create memories of comfort, joy and create a connection to nature and the traditions of the country.

Explore the compelling stories behind each work of art and find yourself drawn into a world of culture and history. While you might recognize the larger pieces such as the bronzed horses in Iberostar Selection Bávaro Suites or the jaguar head in Iberostar Selection Playa Mita, there are still many interesting pieces waiting to be discovered.

“We must not forget that the basic philosophy of tourism is to transport people to places that have their own personality and culture.”