Summertime is, for the little ones, the beginning of that time when it's all about having fun and living adventures. And there are as many ways to achieve this goal as children in the world. However, Iberostar has managed to please everyone through Star Camp, an imaginative entertainment program that mixes laughter with values.

How does it achieve that? Well, by combining different games and activities in an educational way that encourage all kinds of intelligences. Where there is variety in this area, as in many others, there is virtue.

The choice and development of this program is based on Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, PhD and Professor in Psychology and Education Sciences who in the 80s revolutionised his field by ensuring that the child’s mind is the sum of different skills beyond mathematical and linguistic logic, which are those most developed in school. Star Camp focuses on promoting empathy, interaction, self-awareness, dance and movement, respect and knowledge of the environment, and guidance for youngsters to discover and work with other intelligences.

The challenge, therefore, is for each child to find the field in which he or she is comfortable and to do so by having fun while exploring, playing and experimenting in a supportive environment and under the care of professionals who encourage them to do so. In short, the hotel becomes a universe of stimuli that satisfy curiosity and enhances the skills of the little ones. And all of this with smiles, friendships and experiences not enjoyed until now.

Fun above all things

The first rule for children is first and foremost to have fun. The desire for adventure and fun is triggered as soon as they arrive. To become part of the adventure that has just begun, they are given the Explorer kit, a fun passport that will allow them to travel through the different countries in an imaginary world that are associated with each one of the different intelligences and that they get stamped as they participate in the activities.

Entertainment with content

Star Camp emphasizes play as a learning source and applies this tool for all ages. In other words, games that are fun, educational and full of values which, in this case, are the same as those of the whole Iberostar group: fun as an attitude in life, the value of diversity, development of technological awareness, respect for the environment and promoting healthy habits.

In other words, children learn and assimilate positive concepts with a smile on their faces and in a holiday atmosphere. What more could you ask for?