Riviera Nayarit is one of the most desirable destinations due to its ability to appear modern and natural all at once. In other words, it combines all the mod cons with the authentic Nayarit.

Two activities stand out in any discussion about this coast. On the one hand, the beautifully manicured golf facilities are a pleasant surprise, not to mention their accompanying hotels, all extremely committed to ecological sustainability and a promise not to disrupt life in paradise.

On the other hand, surfing here represents the triumph of the spontaneous; the love of the sea in all it's gloriously voracious waves and the reefs below which create unexpected currents and capricious crests.

Essentially, the Riviera Nayarit is the perfect blend of authenticity and sophistication, and while they may be somewhat removed from each other, it's tough not to end up falling in love with both sides.

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts has one 5-star hotel in the Riviera Nayarit areaThe all-inclusive Iberostar Selection Playa Mita’s distinctive architecture comes together to make the all-new Iberostar Playa Mita more than a stunning new Iberostar destination, but a remarkable new opportunity for you.

a large green field with trees in the background

The golf peninsula

Surrounded by beaches and the ocean, Punta de Mita is home to the most entertaining, beautiful and versatile golf course on the entire Mexican pacific coast. The Litibú Golf Club is an 18-hole course which blends beautifully into its natural surroundings.

Its location is absolutely unbeatable. On the one hand, it boasts the added lure of the sea breeze. On the other, the protection of the rain forest slowly fades to give way to the tees. On top of all this, the very same resort is also home to the Iberostar Selection Playa Mita, providing the perfect combination of swings and unparalleled relaxation both on the beach and in the spa.

a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

What's more, there are numerous professional arguments which make it truly irresistible. The 72-par course was created by a legend of the sport, Greg Norman, who designed it to have three distinct parts. The first incorporates several natural elements intended to surprise the player. The second is more interesting still, with lines of trees flanking each hole. And the third is open to the sea which ensures the wind plays a key role. The result is a PGA-standard course stretching over a total of 7,022 yards where eagles are certainly in short supply: The final score can throw up many surprises.

Surf for all

You don't have to go far to find the best beaches and the best waves this coastline has to offer. In fact, you can surf at almost any point along the Riviera Nayarit.

The exciting currents and swells of Punta Mita make this the place to find beaches which lend themselves to the sport, while also providing everything you need to enjoy a day of sun, sea and sand.  The Cove is a temple for the most experienced surfers; it's an enclave which, at high tide, throws up easily tamable waves that seem to last forever.