Alongside the beach near Montego Bay, the sounds of the Caribbean water lapping on the sand, a couple lies on two soft beds, together enjoying a moment of ultimate relaxation.  The lucky pair are relishing a unique service, specially designed to strip away the stress of the daily grind and accentuate the intimacy of a romantic long weekend. Special decongestive muds from the Brittany coast—known for their health benefits in reducing tension and muscle fatigue—are applied by two experienced masseuses. 

This happy twosome has discovered that often the sweetest moments in life are enjoyed together, in a relaxed and nurtured environment. Yet they have only seen the tip of the iceberg. In Jamaica, a romantic island destination waiting to be discovered, relaxation and wellness go hand-in-hand with love and passion

And even more so if you live this experience in any of the three Iberostar hotels in Montego Bay. Three hotels where luxury is mixed with the landscape and the Jamaican way of life with the utmost care in the details. A jaunt in the “Land of Springs” can be the perfect setting for stoking the flames of ardor.

a palm tree in front of a body of water


When couples experience a holiday together, memories are created and bonds grow stronger. Resort activities are often designed for both people to enjoy, not just for a woman or man alone.  In a Swedish massage or a therapeutic mud bath for two, both partners experience the same relaxing effects and reduce their stress together, all the while alleviating the worries of daily life and the lethargy and soreness of working muscles. 

Speaking of eliminating stress, locals have been enjoying the Jamaican Bush Bath as a natural remedy for generations.  Utilizing a mixture of herbs like rosemary, sage, cerassee, orange and bay leaves, a hot bath instills a warm sense of being and a calmer mind.  Couples can enjoy the bath together and experience its holistic effects along with a couples’ massage, paired with organic extracts and a therapeutic legs treatment.

The charm of the Caribbean night can stoke the flames of love and bring a sense of the exotic to a romantic getaway. The blanket of stars in the night sky can serve as the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner, a night walk on the promenade or even a couples’ massage, surrounded by tiki torches and the soothing sounds of the beach and calm nighttime waters. With the Milky Way above and the indulgence of some chocolate and champagne, an experience is complete.



The practice of yoga helps flexibility, improves cardiovascular health and circulation.  It increases overall energy and athletic abilities and performance, too.  What better way to invigorate a romantic holiday than practicing your asanas together with the fast-paced, physically challenging ashtanga yoga, or by honing your vinyasa flow by saluting the Caribbean sun? The open-air nature of the beach in Jamaica allows a special connection to nature and the immediate environment, great conditions for meditating and revitalizing the mind and soul. 

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Throughout the island, from retreats to private classes, from resort programs to simply laying a yoga mat under a palm tree, couples can find bountiful opportunities to practice yoga and take part in the ultimate relaxation. Start the day with one of the exclusive morning yoga classes offered at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall together to continue enjoying the benefits of a thermal circuit in the spa.


Beyond the world of the spa and yoga, couples exploring Jamaica find both relaxation and a bit of adventure.  Near Negril, horseback rides take visitors through the backcountry, along rivers and streams, through sugar plantations, and then wind down to the water, where the swimming horses take riders into the Caribbean Sea. 

Inland, couples take a relaxing bamboo raft trip down the tranquil Martha Brae River. On this excursion, Island Routes caters to the romantic in everyone with the intimacy of the private raft, complete with a personal gondolier, surrounded by the sounds of the jungle, exotic wildlife and rare birds that fill its aviary. On this trip, visitors also see the sight where Roger Moore’s James Bond jumped over crocodiles in 1972’s Live and Let Die.