Scouting the ideal beach destination for your wedding? Dream of tying the knot surrounded by a mackerel sunset and lapping waves? Here are 7 of the most gorgeous and romantic beach destinations to tie the knot.

Planning a beach destination wedding and don’t know where to start? Choosing which beach to play host to your nuptials can be overwhelming, but the good thing is, it’s hard to go wrong. There is certainly no shortage of incredible options, but choosing which one is right for your event is not always so straightforward. From tried and true favorites, to places far from the wedding industry’s regulars, below are eight countries with aw-inspiring beaches to consider for your big day. Spoiler alert: all guarantee amazing photos.



When to go: November to April, although it’s hard to find a season less than perfect in Jamaica.

Jamaica is the stuff beach dreams are made of and it is for good reason. Easily accessible from virtually anywhere, Jamaica offers so much more than a popular tropical escape. Holding firmly to its Afro-Caribbean roots, the island nation is a colorful retreat from the winter doldrums. It’s hard to find a beach less than perfect in Jamaica, but for a secluded beach ceremony, Boston Bay Beach is the more sparsely populated answer to some of the expected Jamaican haunts. Boston Bay is the iconic home of jerk cuisine, so bring some spice to your big day and treat your guests to a cookout in the sand for your reception. Frenchman's Cove is an isolated swimming spot that has boasted sunbathers including Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Marlon Brando, Queen Elizabeth II, and The Beatles, just to name a few. Make like the stars and venture to this off the beaten path hideaway. For the perfect photo, stage your event at Silver Sands, which boasts some of the most translucent water and purest sand on the island. Wherever your wedding location ends up being, Jamaica is an island that never disappoints. The excellent locations of the Iberostar hotels in Jamaica provide a unique opportunity to tour the island and to stop and admire all its treasures.

Dominican Republic

When to go: A winter wedding beckons, as December to May land between the yearly choppy weather seasons.

Nestled in the famed Coconut Coast of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is one of the most popular destinations for sun-seeking vacationers in the Caribbean. While you won’t be the first to host your wedding here, the beach makes for a stunning alter and the golden hour is what people dream of in the darkest days of winter. What’s more, Punta Cana is one of the most accessible locations for a beach wedding, with a large airport nearby for your guests to fly in and out of. Iberostar Hotels & Resorts has four gorgeous all inclusive resorts located on the best beaches of Punta Cana with entertainment on offer for all ages, tastes and groups.

Although the Dominican Republic is one of the most visited countries in the Caribbean, it still boasts a handful of beaches that have escaped the throngs of tourists. For something a bit more intimate, head to Punta Bonita, a small, palm tree rung beach with calm water. There are few distractions here, which means you’ll most likely have the beach to yourself and your guests. And what better way to create lasting memories than that?



When to go: Tunisia and Djerba are hot and dry almost year-round. Go between March and May before the full heat of summer kicks in.

Tunisia may not be at the top of many lists as a country that comes to mind when beginning to plan a beach wedding, and that’s its appeal. A little more remote, off the beaten path, and more culturally fascinating than your typical beach backdrop, Tunisia is a sun-soaked country with some breathtaking beaches. Off the coast of Tunisia, in the Gulf of Gabes, the island of Djerba is an otherworldly place (you may recognize it from four of the Star Wars films that were shot here). Relatively new to the influx of tourism, Djerba remains true to its African roots and is home to some of the most beautiful examples of Mediterranean Islamic architecture. With Mediterranean breezes, pure sandy beaches, and whitewashed towns, Djerba is the unexpected answer for the couple looking for something more on the adventurous side. Your guests will thank you. Iberostar Hotels & Resorts' Tunisian hotels invite tourists to experience unique moments during their trips that only this country could produce.


When to go: May through October when the water is the perfect temperature for swimming.

The Dalmatian Coast is a picture-perfect, less-crowded alternative to nearby Greece. And although the secret has been out for a few years, you can still find privacy and serenity on the coastal beaches, which are arguably some of the most beautiful in Europe.  Spanning the boarder of a handful of small European nations, the Dalmatian Coast is nothing if not stunning. The northern beaches are worth visiting, but for your wedding, head south to Montenegro.

With stunning Adriatic coastline, charming villages, and world-class seafood and wine, Montenegro makes for an ideal European beach wedding destination. Just where the Balkan Mountains meet the Adriatic, Becici Beach beckons. More than just a beautiful beach, Becici Beach is the crown jewel of Montenegro. Wedged between the historically and culturally rich villages of Budva and Becici, there are ample opportunities to explore each by foot while not straying too far from some of Europe’s loveliest coastal landscapes.



When to go: May through September for the warmest and sunniest days.

Located on the Black Sea, Bulgaria, like Montenegro, is proving itself to be a welcome alternative in coastal Europe. With roots sprawling from Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian empires, Bulgaria offers something for everyone, from a rich tradition of culture to some incredible and unexpected beaches. Lying snuggly between the Stara Planina Mountains and the picturesque city of Nessebar, Sunny Beach is as its name suggests—perfect for the sun-seeking couple. Sunny Beach offers a plethora of water sports to keep guests of all ages busy before the ceremony, and with an active nightlife and over 150 restaurants, Sunny Beach is perfect for the couple looking for an up-beat, high-energy, fun-filled wedding celebration.