Cayo Coco

  • CountryCuba
  • Capital cityLa Habana
  • Time zone
  • Language(s) spokenSpanish
  • ChangeCuban Peso (CUP)
  • Electricity/AC voltage110/220 V

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Sports on Cayo Coco offer different chances for kids and grown-ups to have fun outdoors, from recreational fishing in the crystal-clear waters of Cayo Guillermo or a catamaran trip departing at Ensenada de Bautista to hiking across El Bagá Nature Park or scuba diving next to the world’s second largest coral reef.

Sports on Cayo Coco

  • Recreational fishing on Cayo Guillermo: Cayo Guillermo boasts the highest concentration of sport fishing lovers in Cuba, for it offers the perfect mix of comfortable facilities, a nice atmosphere, and fishing richness. Both amateurs and pros will come back from their fishing experience at sea with hands full.
  • Diving on Pilar beach: The Cuban keys, especially Cayo Guillermo, are the perfect setting for diving. Actually, the second largest coral reef on Earth is right here. There are several certified diving schools clubs in the area, organising diving tours with local guides.
  • Water skiing on Cayo Coco: Water skiing is one of the most popular sports you can do on Cayo Coco, where the crystal-clear waters, moderate swell and beautiful coastal landscapes attract zillions of practitioners. Most beaches on the island organise activities with different levels of difficulty.
  • Hiking in El Bagá: El Bagá is one of the best-kept theme natural parks in this part of the Cuban coast, and one of the greatest attractions for hikers in Jardines del Rey. Its trails explore amazing landscapes in the north-western tip of the island; they can be negotiated on foot or on horseback.
  • Sailing on Cayo Coco: Renting a catamaran boat and sailing along the coast of the Cuban keys can be a great sporting activity. There is a route departing at Ensenada de Bautista, in the east of Cayo Coco, that affords beautiful landscapes and calm, safe waters. Bolder sailors can rent their sailboats at the marina in Aguas Tranquilas.

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Cayo Coco

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