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Enjoy the best hotels in Cayo Coco

If you are planning a holiday in the Caribbean, what could be better than the Iberostar hotels in Cayo Coco? Get ready to enjoy a 4-star resort on the beachfront with all the services and amenities you need to make your stay in the Antilles truly unique.

At 370 km², Cayo Coco is the fourth largest island in Cuba, towards the north of the main island, close to the central region. Specifically, it is part of the municipality of Morón, in the province of Ciego de Ávila, and is part of Jardines del Rey archipelago.

Cayo Coco is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, with crystal clear, shallow waters, ideal for diving and snorkelling, making this island a must-visit for those who enjoy water sports.

This island or key (cayo in Spanish) is connected to the island of Cuba by an artificial road, called pedraplén, which runs 27 km from the town of Turiguanó on the mainland. It is also linked to nearby Cayo Guillermo by a charming road with a statue of Ernest Hemingway looking out to sea.  

The best way to get to Cayo Coco is to fly into Jardines Del Rey International Airport on the island, which opened in 2005, allowing you to fly in and out without having to go through Havana, the Capital of Cuba. 

Iberostar takes you to a land that has all you need for a once in a lifetime holiday. 

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  • Iberostar Mojito
  • Iberostar Colonial 
  • Country: Cuba
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Cuban Peso (CUP)
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 110/220 V

Hotels in Cayo Coco

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Cayo Coco

Iberostar Mojito

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What to see in Cayo Coco

Although Cayo Coco is famous for its idyllic beaches, this corner of Cuba is also ideal for cultural tourism.

One of the places you cannot miss is Morón, the city closest to the key. Among its main attractions is the Morón Railway Station, which was inaugurated in 1924 and is the second largest station in Cuba. Its design follows the architecture patterns of the southern United States and includes elements of French carpentry. Morón is also a great place to enjoy nature, by visiting the La Redonda Lagoon or the La Leche Lagoon, as well as the Morón Municipal Museum, where you can see collections of pieces from the colonial era.

As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that in the streets of Morón you can still see some vintage cars, in the style of Old Havana, making you feel like you have travelled back in time.

Another place worth visiting is Ciego de Ávila, a town located 100 km from Cayo Coco, famous for the old town centre, which is home to many 19th century colonial buildings. Its most notable building is the Teatro Principal, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful of its kind in Cuba. The modern town church dates back to the 1950s and you can also relax in one of the pleasant parks in Ciego de Avila, such as Maximo Gómez Park or the Parque de la Ciudad.

To the east of Ciego de Ávila, is the province of Sancti Spiritus, where the beautiful colonial town of Trinidad awaits you.

Wild flamingos are another fascinating thing to see in Cayo Coco. These spectacular pink birds live in areas of shallow water, and can be easily spotted from the man made road that connects the key to mainland Cuba.

What to do in Cayo Coco

The main attraction of Cayo Coco is of course its 22 kilometres of spectacular beaches and a rich landscape of coconut trees and mangroves. The most famous beaches are Las Coloradas, Playa de los Flamencos and Playa Jaula.

Moreover, the coastline is home to some 200 species of animals including birds and reptiles, such as iguanas, and more than 360 species of plants, many of them native to Cuba.

Plus, don't forget that Cayo Coco is in front of one of the largest coral reefs on the planet, making the area perfect for snorkelling or underwater diving in the Caribbean. The depth of the reef varies between 2 and 40 metres, making it a mecca for those wanting to swim among multi-coloured fish.

Another option for those who want to have fun in the waters of the Caribbean without diving is to take a ride on a speedboat through the mangroves of Cayo Coco. Navigating through these spectacular ecosystems, you will witness the great biodiversity that this part of Cuba is home to.

Are you looking for leisure options in Cayo Coco? In that case, you can visit La Cueva del Jabalí, a pub located just 15 minutes from Cayo Coco by bus. It is a spectacular natural cave fitted out as a nightclub, including tables where you can enjoy the many cocktails this part of the world is famous for.

But if what you really want is to relax, go on an unforgettable catamaran cruise along the coast of Cayo Coco and the surroundings, where you will fall in love with the breath-taking coastal landscapes.

Book your hotel in Cayo Coco

Iberostar offers you two hotels in Cayo Guillermo to get the most out of your stay in the Caribbean. The Iberostar Mojito is a 4-star hotel facing a coral reef, with activities for the whole family, including live music and a fantastic choice of food, allowing you to try the delicious traditional Cuban cuisine as well as international dishes. And if you only want to worry about enjoying yourself, why not book an All-Inclusive holiday in Cayo Coco?

If you prefer something with more character, the Iberostar Colonial is housed in a magnificent colonial-style building on the seafront, with an extensive range of water sports and speciality restaurants, perfect for a truly authentic Cuban holiday.

Choose your hotel in Cayo Coco today and surrender to the essence of the Caribbean with Iberostar Hotels & Resorts.